My topic on 'racially inclusive hairstyles' got closed

I made a post a while ago under art features. It was just a sincere request for more African hairstyles. I read the art guidelines and apparently, it’s one suggestion per thread and there was only one suggestion—can we get more racially inclusive hairstyles?

I did make a comment at the end about getting better guy features but I didn’t think it was much of a suggestion—maybe that’s why it got banned but then it doesn’t really make sense.

I guess that I did add multiple pictures but those were just examples of hairstyles that I thought look good so, at the end of the day, I really only made one suggestion.

I kind of understand why it was blocked since there wasn’t much specifics—and it’s meant to be like; Hair, blonde, straight.

I’m really just posting this because I don’t fully understand it. Could someone please explain it to me so I don’t repeat the mistake again?

Also, I want to repost the post in the right way so that it actually gets considered to be implemented.

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Topic closed due to violation of Feature Request Guidelines Contact Sydney_H to discuss editing and reopening topic.

You didn’t format your request properly.

Please follow the following guidelines when providing your feature requests. Any threads created incorrectly will be automatically deleted.

Please title any post you add with this format. This will make it easier to search later. Also, note that you can only make one suggestion per thread.

TYPE: Short Description For example:
BACKGROUND: Inside A Circus Tent
CLOTHING: A Cat’s Tail
FEATURE: Sending Cookies
APP: More Settings
HAIR: Brown, Curly, Flowing
You can then add more explanation inside the text of the post.

BEFORE POSTING , please do a search on this forum for anything similar. If you find something, please (heart) like the op thread/post in order to show your support! Starting a new post actually HURTS your chances of getting that item implemented.



yeah, that isn’t really Episode’s fault. you can remake the topic if you wish


Feel free to recreate your thread following the guidelines provided to you above and everything should be good! :grin: