My unpublished story doesn’t show up in mobile preview! (SOLVED!)

Hi! i’ve been working hard on my story LUCID it’s unpublished. when i try and preview it in the app THE STORY DOESNT SHOW UP! i’m in the right account and everything it’s really frustrating me. please help!!!

your reviewing it on your phone correct?

I heard that some people need 400 lines to preview it. :woman_shrugging:t3:

How many lines does your story have?

Also, are there are errors giving you an error message in the portal?

right now I have 1741 lines

I almost have 2000

no like the story isn’t coming up so I can’t

I’d send a support ticket since that’s the best option for now. Until then, you can try to work from previewing it on the portal until it comes back

Or try deleting then reinstalling? Maybe that might work too

thank you so much

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ill try that

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Of course!

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Hmm… all I can think of is that you’d have to have at least 3 episodes with at least 400 lines in each for it to show up. If you have 3 or more episodes then yes I’d do what everyone is saying & submit a ticket.

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I’ll try that :slight_smile: thx

it solved with that THANK YOU!

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Yay!! Of course! Glad I could help

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