My Upcoming New Story! Mean Girls: Magic Edition


It is a Fantasy, Romance and Drama story about this young teen scholarship girl whose whole life suddenly change for the worse. She will be tested on so many things unknown to her, which a secret that is kept from her only a tragedy will release it.

Read more for what will happen…

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Do you do R4R?

Yes. I will publish the first 3 episodes soon

I officially Published my new story today!

I’d be willing to do a read for read with you, if you want <3
Story: Sorry, Wrong Number
Genre: Thriller
Summary: “And that’s how we’ll get rid of the body. Sorry, wrong number.”
When a text is sent to the wrong person, it leads to a race against time to prevent a murder. TEXT BASED


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Would you mind sending me your story link so I can read it?

Here you go

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I finished reading the first two chapters. Let me know when you’ve read my story :heart:

Thanks what do you think of it?

Hi, I’m up for a read for read! :two_hearts:
Instagram: ellec.writes
Title: Dying Love
Genre: Romance/Drama
Brief Description: I loved you the moment I laid eyes on you. …But as they say, all good things must come to an end. Art scenes inside.

Is it based on the actual Mean Girls movie characters (eg Cady, Regina, Gretchen)? If so, it’s copyrighted and not allowed.