My Very First Cover


As I made my first edit a few days ago, I decided to go ahead and make a random cover. This is just for a made up story named “Sister, Sister” about two crazy sisters, but I had so much fun making it! Hopefully I can start practicing my editing more and start taking cover requests soon. :heart:

Edit: Instead of flooding the creations section, I’m just posting this here. This is my second cover ever that I just finished. This is also for a made up story just for fun, I’m really excited to maybe start taking requests soon! :slight_smile:


ITS AWSOMEEEEEEEEE :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Wow thank you!! <3


I just pm you


I’ll check it out!


Nicely done


what do you use


Thank you!


Photoshop CS5


this is your first? This is better than my 10th! xD


its Awesome::heart_eyes:


Thank you!


Lol not at all!! I bet your covers are amazing :heart:


It’s gorgeous! :heart_eyes:


ikr <3


@clemenlea can you do a request for the group


Thank you sm!!


It looks amazing!! :heart:


Thank you!! :slight_smile: :heart:


That looks wonderful.