My very own episode art shop

Hello, i can’t believe it’s finally happening welcome to my episode art shop i am a digital artist who can now do episode covers,banters,splashes and maybe overlays or backgrounds and i have decided to open this art shop to help people out and improve,work on,and test my digital art skills so please request something and let me try helping you and now that i have used digital art for a while i am sure that i can help you if you request by the way i have a youtube channel Yamen golden check it out and even if it might look dry now hang on i’m about to upload some really good videos, so please subscribe to it it would be both helpful and encouraging for me be aware that sometimes I get some of these backgrounds from google or the overlay drawing might not be mine but I made it into an overlay and like I said please consider subscribing to my channel because that is the only thing I ask of you and the most amount of times I can redo is 3

My examples

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Do you have examples? :blush:

Well, like i said i can only do this because of my digital art experience and i don’t have much examples of my work except some gacha life ones, but if you could send me a request i would love to make it and show you

Hi may I please have a rear background of this? Like a point of view of the receptionist standing behind the desk and may I also have a desk overlay for the back of the desk if u can? Please and thank u!:slightly_smiling_face:

also i’m not using my computer right now but if you were to wait a while maybe i could post some examples, but you could still send your request now and i could start getting to work on it

I’ll see what i can do, but can you tell me how you want the receptionist to look and there is also a chance that i might have it done by today

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No I’ve already made the receptionist character :slightly_smiling_face: I just need the background.

And the back of desk overlay as well.

Okay, but that might take a bit longer

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That’s ok, I can wait.

Here is your background

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Your welcome and i will start working on it

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Yay thank you !

Oml I forgot the female outfit Imma put it in the outfit thingy

Thank u so much I love it but I was just wondering if u can remove the guy background and just leave the window but change the background outside of the window to the photo below, ps sorry if this is too much! pv1_back_EXT__PHILLY_SKYLINE___DAY

And your desk overlay

It’s okay i’ll try and see what I can do

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Oh and could you also remove the chair and make there be a closed door on the right please if u can.

But one question when you say take out the guy background do you mean remove the guy from the background or take out the background completely and only leave the window with the city background behind it

Hi I was wondering if you could make a sword overlay for me?