My writer portal is messed up and my stories are missing

This is what it looks like. My avatar thingy isn’t even in the top right corner like it should be.

Things I’ve tried plus other details:

I’ve cleared cookies and site data and zilch.
The mobile version of the portal is fine (all my stories bgs and overlays intact) so it’s not like I was banned or anything.
I can also use the app just fine.

edit: I’m using Firefox
I switched to Chrome and it works so I’ll just use that until someone helps

edit 2: Found out it was my browser AV so when I turned that off things loaded normally.


Yeah u have to use Chrome, I don’t think Firefox is a good browser to use. If it glitches/bugs sends a support ticket, but keep using Chrome.


It sucks that it doesn’t work on other browsers.



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It was my adblock Ublock Origin causing the issue. When i turned it off things loaded as the should :blush:

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