My writing ideas - anyone want to be my coder?


Hello everyone!

My name is Claire. I’ve never had the real motivation to code, and I’m not the best at it. It’d make my dreams come true if someone could code for me! They will get credit every single episode :slight_smile: . A coder can pick one of my following story ideas or choose multiple, and reply! I’ll PM them :slight_smile: .

Not many requirements, they have to be active at least once or twice a week. If any problems with that, just tell me!

My story ideas

Team Two

Title: Team Two
Genre: Action/Comedy/Romance
Style: INK
Melanie is an average NYC cop. Josh is a superhero from the future. What happens when Josh meets Melanie to tell her that an evil crime master wants to destroy all matter of life?

I already got some cover art to show you a bit:

By B. Carlton

By Episode Harmony

Broken Past

Title: Broken Past
Genre: Romance/Drama/Comedy
Style: INK

Denise lived a childhood/tween years of regret and fear. Drugs, assault, assasination. She wants to forget her past, after she meets her brother Luca who lived nearly the same life.

The Business

Title: The Business
Genre: Comedy/Romance
Style: INK

Willow didn’t get accepted into any of the colleges she applied to. Neither did her group of friends. The group starts a babysitting/pet sitting business that gets into trouble. What happens when colleagues date co-wokers, the boss betrays them, and it becomes a world-famous company?



the first one sounds cool :smile: i could do it but i cant start straight away since i’m still trying to get my thriller creators contest entry out. but idm after that? :kiss:




cool :slight_smile:


Can I?


actually im sorry i dont think i can. :frowning_face: i’m gonna be too busy


I could help with any of those. Just send me the details


I know every type of coding there is (bragging much? :sweat_smile: ), so please feel free to contact me!