Mya1357 please help me with an art scene please

May you please help me with an art scene please help am in desperate need for attention



i can do edits


Kyra101 if it is not trouble please send what you have done and what you can do please

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my original photos are gone because I accidentally deleted them

but i can make edits like this (not mine btw)image

I make covers on my phone. I use a few apps and the writer portal

  1. Go into the portal and add my characters into the poses they should be in
  2. Go onto my phone and open the story
  3. Screenshot the characters
  4. Go to a background erasing app - the app is just called Background Eraser
  5. Erase the backgrounds of the characters and save the images
  6. Get the background I need
  7. If I need to, I go to PicMonkey and edit the background
  8. Go to another app called PhotoLayers
  9. Add the characters and the background - I may also edit the characters if needed (shadows, blur, etc.)
  10. Go to Phonto and add text to the image
  11. Save the image to Google drive
  12. Go on my computer and save the images from the drive to my computer
  13. Upload them to the writers portal
    And then I’m done. It takes me a while, usually the hardest part is erasing the backgrounds of the characters
    There are other methods, but this is how I do it.
    Sometimes I go into ibis Paint X and add highlights/contour to the characters
    Hopefully this helps :grin:
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I’ll try it out thx

It does take a while though, so just keep in mind that


Yeah but it’s really hard to do anything from the phone, so I don’t do it

It looks good :grin::+1:

Ink or LL? :upside_down_face: I can probably take a request


Just ignore this one it’s bad :see_no_evil:


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@Nae_Nae11 are you requesting that @Mya1357 (one person) works on your request? If so this belongs in a private message and not as a thread.

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Temp closed. @Nae_Nae11 please Pm me letting me know what I requested above. Thanks!