Mya's Art Request Thread! (OPEN)



Hello & Welcome to my Art request forum :grin:. I’ve been doing edits & overlays for quite sometime now & I think I caught the hang of it. What made me start this is because I seen some people edit work on here & I thought I’d give it a try. But, to my luck, back then, I quit because it was too hard:persevere: I really wanted to know how to do it. So, I started looking at videos from YouTube. If you need any edits, you can stop by here if you want to. Since I’m a beginner, I understand if you don’t want to use some of mine because like I said, I’m only a beginner. But if you are interested in an edit/background/cover/overlay then you can feel out this Request Form

Request Form

Click me!

For this edit,↓ The background edit is credited to @EpisodeStudio

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I hope to see your request! :heart:

Sleeping bag (Overlay)
Can anyone make me a cover
Was wondering if somone can make me a couples cover/edit?
Ink cover for story?

wanna join a art group your art is amazing


your art is amazing :heart_eyes:


Thank you!:hugs:


I request one


Hi I wanted to know if you’re still doing covers.?


I am :blush:


Do you think you can do something like this .?image


I could try. Just fill out the form above


Ok I will thanks


You welcome


Do you make ink edits?




May i see examples :slight_smile:




I only have a little bit because I work on limelight a lot.


If I requested a splash that say chapter 1-10 how long would it take?


Well splashes? Lol


probably 2-3 days


Okay cool i’ll Send details in 2 minutes