Myra's Outfit Design Workshop <33 (OPEN)

(Hopefully this is in the correct catagory this time, I’m not sure where else it could go lol)

Hey guys! In case you haven’t seen my first topic, I’m Myra, and I’m a returning member of the community. I’m writing my first story, but I need a break from it haha! I’ve seen loads of art shops and all that jazz, and decided to make my own little “workshop”! Hopefully this doesn’t flop lol

  • Outfits; I can customize batches of outfits for your characters- for various different events, occasions and styles! (INK and Limelight)

There aren’t many rules, so please follow the ones I list!!

  • Don’t waste my time; If I take time to make you something, please, please, PLEASE actually use it for it’s intended purpose.
  • Put your request under a “hide details” tab; This is pretty self-explanatory- but I just think it makes a thread look much neater!
  • Missing info=Request denied; The forms have everything you need to complete for your request to be accepted, please, PLEASE fill them out entirely!!
  • No thread-hopping; This one is obvious- just be respectful, and don’t screw me over by requesting the same thing from someone else. It’s rude to me AND the other person you request from.

That’s it for the rules!! Please read them thoroughly, and respect them :))

LL Female Outfit Examples (So Far)


LL Male Outfit Examples (So Far)


Here you can find the form to complete for your requests!!

Outfit Form
  • Gender:
  • Body type (for Limelight):
  • Ink or Limelight?
  • How many outfits in this batch? (1-15):
  • Occasion/Style/Event:
  • Extras;

That’s it!! Happy requesting :))


Here ya go
  • Gender: female
  • Body type (for Limelight): Female Athletic Body
  • Ink or Limelight? LL
  • How many outfits in this batch? (1-15): 8
  • Occasion/Style/Event: 4 tomboy and 4 fancy
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  • Gender: girl
  • Body type (for Limelight): athletic
  • Ink or Limelight? limelight
  • How many outfits in this batch? (1-15): 5
  • Occasion/Style/Event: the event is a meeting the style i want is elegant in black
  • Extras none
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Here’s your outfits!! I hope you like them :))

Tomboy Outfits

Fancy Outfits


tysm i love them all how would you like to be credited!?

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No credit needed and I’m glad you like them!!

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would it be ok if i request more

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Of course!

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Here’s your elegant, black, meeting style outfits! I hope you like them :)) :blob_turtle:

Black Meeting Outfits

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when will this be open again (:

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It’s open now!! :))

  • Gender: Female
  • Body type (for Limelight): Plus Size
  • Ink or Limelight? LL
  • How many outfits in this batch? (1-15): 3
  • Occasion/Style/Event: Office/Modern
  • *Extras;
    Thank you

still open? lol, i’m a little late

hey i totally forgot about this shop, but you can pm the details and i’ll make some outfits for you :))

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  • Gender: Female

  • Body type (for Limelight): Female Generic

  • Ink or Limelight? Limelight

  • How many outfits in this batch? (1-15): 10

  • Occasion/Style/Event: Lawyer/business

  • Gender: Male

  • Ink or Limelight? Limelight

  • How many outfits in this batch? (1-15): 5

  • Occasion/Style/Event: lawyer/business

Thank you for this!

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got it !! i have a few things to do first but i’ll have your request done in a few hours :))

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don’t worry about it (: