Mysterious table on a scene

Hi episode folks! I just noticed on one of my scenes specifically INT. APARTMENT SOFA - DAY has a purple table appear when the story is being read. It’s weird cause on the picture of the scene there is no purple table. I didn’t add an overlay or prop on the scene so I don’t understand why it shows up. I hope to get rid of this mysterious table haha. Please help. :thinking:

Sometimes when you choose a background from the episode free backgrounds, there are overlays… it doesnt show tho when you see the background tho!
I hope im not too confusing

No your making sense haha. Is there a way to remove those overlays? :slight_smile:

I dont think theres anyway :thinking: , i think you have to edit the background yourself

The best way to do it, is to save the background in the free episode backgrounds

Ok I understand what to do. Thanks for your help! :upside_down_face: