Mystery and Kat’s Help and Art thread

Hey guys so me and @MysteryMaker decided to make a thread to help people with their scripts and other errors And do covers (edit and drawn) or art scenes or splashes and edits.We are gladly to help you guys in any way. :blush:

-If you want a splash, cover, or an edit then please be patient. We will get to your request as soon as possible
-Make sure to credit us when u request an art
-If u want help or have an error in your script then screenshot the problem and we will help you
-If u request in multiple threads, then your request will be rejected

Here is some examples of art type that we do:

Forever1201’s examples:




Backround Edit

MysteryMaker’s examples:


Splash form

-What type of splash do u want?
-What background do u want?
-What characters do u want it in? (Please send screenshot of the character and in their poses u want them in)
-When do u need it by?

Cover form
-Title of the story
-Author of the story
-Backround u want?
-What character do u want? (Screenshot with their poses
-What type of font and color do u want?
-When do u need it by?

Edit form

-What character do u want it in?
-Do u want anything to say in it?
-Do u want something extra to be put in?

Coding and other help form

-What is wrong?
Show screenshot of error


Awesome guys! Ill get back to u both when I can.


youre examples are amazing, i may request soon


Sure anytime.

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-What character do u want it in?

Character Deets

Skin Tone: Olive
Brow: Thin Arch
Hair/Color: Straight/ Black
Eyes/Color: Upturned Feline/ Toffee
Face Shape: Soft Heart
Nose: Upturned
Lips/Color: Classic/ Scarlet

-Do u want anything to say in it?
No thx
-Do u want something extra to be put in?

Can it be done by @MysteryMaker?

Thx in advanced!
P.S Can it be a png so I can add it onto a bg? And ofc I’ll give credit!


Oooo I need some art scenes please :grin:

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Fill the form and she will get back to u :blush:

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Okay I will when I get home :grin:

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Can I have an art scene made by @MysteryMaker? You’re amazing!

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@Cassandra_Dean may I ask what exactly are you requesting?And for what purpous?



Hi there @Turtle_Cat I appreciate your words.If you’d like you can request an art scene but we’ll both decide among ourselves that who’ll do your request since this isn’t my personal thread but a thread made upon partnership.

Thank you



That’s perfect! I’ll take it from whoever.:sparkling_heart:


awesome work you guys! :heart_eyes:



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@MysteryMaker since @Forever1201 is part of my group, would you like to join? we could really use your beautiful art!


Thank you for the invitation @AnonymousAuthor1 but I’m already a part of an art group on this forum.

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Hey! I just had a sudden change in my story and realized I didn’t need an art scene. Please please please forgive me for the inconvenience and I hope you and @Forever1201 have a good day!:sparkling_heart:
-Turtle Cat.


Oh ok

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Hey I’d love two art scenes if possible! :heart_eyes::blush:
Similar to these two but in the rain aswell:


And you can add your own taste to them aslong as they are moody.
Here are the characters:
Body, neutral 02
Brow, arched natural, deep brown
Hair, long wavy parted hair, platinum white
Eyes, round downturned wide, brown dark
Face, diamond defined contour
Nose, defined natural
Lips, full heart pouty, pink beige gloss

Body, neutral 04
Brow, straight medium, deep brown
Hair, tousled loose curls long, dark brown
Eyes, deepest downturned, brown dark
Face, square jaw round cheek stubble
Nose, straight narrow
Medium heart, beige deep natural

the outfits for both photos:

:rosette: --EM

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it’s no problem with us if you’re part of another, but i understand if your group doesn’t let you be in others or if it’s just too much :slight_smile: