Mystery Directing Error

I need help with this directing command that works fine on episode’s example story for me to work off of, but when I use it it says that there is an error! Anyone know how to fix this? P.S. sorry that the screenshot is blurry, I couldn’t get it to become clearer.


You need to add the starting bracket for that option on line 240.

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How do I do that :joy: i’m still very new to this! :joy:

“Blue Flannel Pajamas” {

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Okay now it says this
??? im so confused

You have if/else statements inside your choices, but there aren’t closing brackets for the “else”. Every starting bracket needs to have a matching end bracket. So make sure to add the end brackets for those “else” parts.

} else {

LYNN (talk_happy_smile)
I love how soft these pants are!

} <<add this bracket here
} “Yellow Flannel Pajamas” {

And then make sure there’s a matching end bracket for the other “else”

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That fixed it! Thank you so much!

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