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I just finished season 2, and I was lowkey kind of happy that Aria was still alive, and pretty shocked at the family plot twist :sweat_smile:
But the saddest moment was what happened with Chase and Maddie, because I was actually starting to like Maddie and I felt a little bad when the MC missed all those calls from her and then they found her, Maddie was still kind of crazy and stuff, but she wasn’t just a complete Psycho like Nia, and you could see character development with Maddie throughout the story, maybe it was the mental help, but she started becoming one of my favorites too I officially hate her And I like Gigi now, her character development throughout the 2 stories was just really great.

  • What are your thoughts?
    Chase was the saddest death to me, because he had basically no clue about any of it, until Aria came along, and as soon as he finds out, he’s killed, never getting the chance to meet his psycho sister
  • Favorite character(s)? & why?
    Gigi, Storm, MC, maybe Maddie, and Chase
  • Favorite scene?
    Maybe when they first ran into Clay after he broke out of jail, and My character kept trying to reach Storm, and when he finally answered their conversation was so adorable, andI could see that he actually cared about her
  • What do you like most about this story?
    The character development in all the characters, it was so amazing to see how much they’ve changed, from the beginning of the story, to the end
  • What are your theories?
    I think Aria meant what she said about caring about Chase…
  • Funniest scene?
    When they were making their speeches outside the house, before they burned it down, Kai’s speech, and when Storm said ‘Not true, I hated all of you’. And when My character chose Storm and he said ‘Good, cause that would have made us hooking up awkward’ or something like that. And this makes me sound twisted af, but when Gigi hit Clayton and he dropped, and the Storm was like ‘I don’t think he’s getting up’
  • Do you dislike any character? :smiling_imp:
    Definitely Nia
  • Any ships? (Love interest)
    My character and Storm, and Kaia and Chase

Just wanted to answer that, anybody else finished Season 2?

I hope she makes a spin-off, so we can see how everyone’s doing, Aria and her parents and what happened with the MC now that her parents are split, and everyone else


In The Wrong is pretty amazing, you should definitely check it out!

I finished season 2 long ago, and omg, it was a WILD RIDE!

spoilers ahead.

Of course I’m sad that Chase died, like… I legit was sad irl.
All the interactions with MC and Storm (cause that’s who I chose) were adorable, and they just tugged at your heartstrings. And Aria’s a psycho. There, I said it.
What really got me was that MC’s dad and Adriana got together at the end… :joy::joy:

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Ikr, that felt so wrong to me, like after all the drama you caused you still just get back together :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
And I think Chase was the saddest death because of how innocent he was :sob:
I chose Storm as well :grin:

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Hi so I was working on the 19th episode and somehow it glitched and i cant continue the story. Can you please tell me what happened so i can begin season 2?

I can help you out. Dove hasn’t been active on here for a long time, I will PM you since I’ve read the story.


Can plz some one tell me the password of season 2 Episode 20

Can someone tell me the password of s2 episode 20

It’s Aria. Clayton’s obsession.

How?? Can you please tell me? I type 1928 but it just won’t work :sob:

Can anyone please tell me how to solve a glitch on chapter 12 season 1? I’ve been playing and I got to the part in Jay’s Uncle’s office where you explore but I got stuck at his desk. Anytime I tap something it renders it as me tapping on the desk and won’t let me exit. I’ve already restarted the story once due to a glitch I don’t want to start over again :frowning: thank you!

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hii have u figured out how to fix this problem?? I’m stuck on it rn so if anyone can help me that would be great please and thank uu

if you’re having a tapping issue due to tappables, you most likely have to restart the story. this issue might be due to your phone not handling this beta code or because you exited out mid story. unfortunately, the author is busy, so she can’t update the episode for you. i hope this information helps. but also feel free to check out her instagram. she has a list of passwords-cheats for the story.

marshmallowo.epi on instagram <33

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thank you so so much!!<33

the cover art is beautiful :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: