Mystery Outline for Story


Hey guys, I’m kind of stuck. I don’t know how I want my story to go although the genre is mystery/thriller. If a girl’s parents are kidnapped and an unknown number calls her, what do you guys think I should say for the unknown number. Throughout the story, this same number is gonna call her and say something different. I wanna add suspense to the story to make my readers wanna read it more. I don’t know how this will turn out, but I’m hoping for the best.


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Have you already planned who the kidnapper/unknown is and why they would have kidnapped the girl’s parents?
IMO, the answer to those questions will help to shape your dialogue :slight_smile:


I have


Okay, I can’t really tell you what to write since I don’t know who the kidnapper is and why, but I’d use that to help shape the phone calls.
Do they want the MC to find the parents? Are they blackmailing the MC? Are they asking for ransom?


umm…the MC is gonna get some friends to help her, but the kidnapper is not going to blackmail her.


But what does the blackmailer want from why? If they don’t want money, why are they calling her?
That will shape what the kidnapper says to her on the phone :slight_smile: since that was your initial question.


Ok, the kidnapper only kidnaps the girl’s parents because like a year or two ago, the girl was the cause of the kidnapper’s father’s death. There was a fire and she wanted to help him get out but his father was still stuck and before he could get out the building exploded. So, now it put the kidnapper in rage and found a way to avenge his father’s death.


So he’s just calling the kidnapper to taunt her? To say “haha I’m getting my revenge” type of thing?
Does he actually want to girl to find him? Or is more going to be “I’m going to make you suffer for what you did. I’m going to make sure your parent’s screams haunt you for the rest of your life.” ?


The suffering part but he doesn’t reveal it until the end of the story.


Well I’m not really sure how much you’d want to give away.
But if the killer doesn’t want to make the MC question what she did or want her to find the parents, then I’m not sure why he’s calling her. Why not just kill her parents and send her photos of the bodies.
If there’s a reason for why he’s calling her, that’s what the phone calls should be about.


How do I do that? The picture with the bodies or a picture of them tied up. That’s what I was going for but not sure how to do it.


Its limelight though


You either need to create an edit, or use rope overlays to tie them up. Style wouldn’t matter :slight_smile:


For example, you could use an overlay like this. Or you could have them standing and bound to the wall. You could also use overlays to have duct tape over their mouths.

If the characters are customisable, then you would need to use overlays as an edit wouldn’t match the characters (or you’d need to warn your readers that you have edits in the story).


You could also just have them lying down with their eyes closed? As if they’re unconscious.


OMG, I’ve got it. I can use the duct tape thing like in “Falling For the Dolan Twins”. It would be amazing. Woohoo!!!