Mystery story recs?

The title says it all
I want to read mystery/murder/adventure stories!

Drop some recs


Hi! I just released my first ever story yesterday, on the 14th of November. And it comes under the Mystery Genre!

Story Title: Tiebreaker
Genre: Mystery
Description: Moving into a new town was hard enough for Deja. But losing her loved ones to a cold-blooded killer? She didn’t sign up for that. In this dangerous chase, who will prevail?
Features: Mini-games, Full CC, Choices matter, 2 love interests.


Here’s a little preview (mood board is made by DanniD :heart:):

For more details:

But if you want some other Mystery stories, maybe Quicksand by repujayton, Archer by YYSL, Split by Arch, Sin City by Arch and Aftertaste by Ji.

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Poison for your Heart by Aykay

I have a mystery/fantasy story if you’re interested :hugs:

Story title: Imaginary Friend
Author: Lili Star
Genre: Mystery/Fantasy
Amount of chapters: 5 for now!
Story description: Being the most unpopular boy in school, Tyler finally gets himself a friend. A friend with a secret, who nobody claims to see…
Story link:
My Instagram: @lili_on_episode
Story covers:

Hi! Feel free to check out my story if you’re interested :grin:

Title: Without a Trace
Genre: Mystery/Thriller
Chapters: 5 (Ongoing)
Description: After her sister vanishes, Talulah sets out on an investigative search with the help of arcane criminology major, Avon. Will their perseverance and wit be enough to find her?
Instagram: @jcwhisper.writes

Thank you :purple_heart:

Hey, my story is mystery and i think you are gonna like it :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:.

Title : Life in Demby (revamped)
Author : Megz_episode
Description : Group of new students arrive in the university of Demby to start their new life. What will happen when the mysterious Author try to draw them into his sick, twisted GAME?
Cover :

Episodes 5
Style LL
Genre : Mystery
Link :
Let me know what you think.

My story is a supernatural murder mystery and I think you’ll enjoy it! :purple_heart:

Story: The Unwanted
Genre: Mystery
Insta: @evilyn.writes
Episodes: 10
Style: Ink

15 years since we’ve been deemed useless and deported to Earth. Now, we reunite to solve the supernatural murders and as past becomes present, our mistakes become fatal…

Advanced directing/ overlays etc.


Thanks :hugs:

Thank you for the thread :two_hearts: I hope you’ll check out mine.
TITLE: Our little secret

GENRE: Mystery/Drama

DESCRIPTION: What could be better than meeting five close friends at a student party? Such events are extremely rare. However, things don’t get so rosy when a dead girl is found in the house. Who is behind this and what is the little secret of each of them?

•Full CC

•Sounds & Music

•Point System, Choices matter, Mini games

My ig: @epi.ksu

Hope you enjoy!

Title: “SWY: The Library Escape”

Description: Two people, one is popular and one is a loner with an attitude, stuck in a library locked at night. Will you escape in time? 4 possible endings, CC



Genre: Mystery

Number of Episodes: 3

Status: Complete

Hi :slight_smile:
I think you might like my story

:policewoman:t3:SWY: Under Contract

:policewoman:t3:Genre: Mystery

:policewoman:t3: Description: James just got admitted to the new EBI unit and can finally work with his brother.

He must prove himself, but what happened when a new case question everything he believes in?

:policewoman:t3:Male MC, limelight, CC, art scene

Instagram : lea.episode.1

Link :

The Best Stories Are Worth Sharing: SWY: Under Contract

Checkout this story, on the Episode App! If you like it, support the story by passing it along!

Mystery on Hanging Hill Lane by Marshmellow

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Yeah, that one’s so good! :eyes:

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I would recommend Summer Fever by Lucas. It’s completed, which is a plus. You play as Summer, the adopted daughter of a wealthy hotel owner, when suddenly MURDER. It’s very dramatic, but never quite hit the cringe level of drama, for me at least.

The biggest problem for me was that I was way more invested in the mystery than the romance and there was no asexual option, but whatcha gonna do? :woman_shrugging:t2:

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Try Act of Vengeance by @Rosenspitze :eyes: You can choose if you want to have an LI or not and it’s really good if you’re more invested in mystery than romance :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Thank you for recommending my story. :slight_smile:

And yes, you can choose not to collect romance points which leads to staying friends with your best friend (who’s also the potential love interest). :relaxed:

Title: Eat Stake
Author: Sinead O’Neill
IG: sinead.fictionist

Story Description

You exist to eliminate vampires and to avenge your mother. Can you eliminate Athan Raynor, an alluring, heartless blood fiend, or will you fall totally under his thrall?

(cc, choices, adv directing, music/sound, mini-games, art scenes)

Eat Stake link