Mystery Themed Story Contest- A contest where writers can get feedback!

Hey guys! @K_Artist2001 and @AMANI182-EPISODEEEEE with another contest! This is not an offically sponsored episode contest but this is a contest where you can get feedback on your story!
The theme this time is Mystery! Winners will be annouced on Halloween! Interested in joining? :point_down:

Contest Rules:
Rules for contestants:

  1. Must have three chapters done but the story does not have to be finished (episodes 2 or 3 cannot be “locked”)

  2. Must fill out form to submit stories

  3. Please only submit published stories

  4. Do not change first three episodes after deadline and before contest winners are announced without asking. If the reviewers have to reread the same chapter 5 times, it can be annoying and slow down the process. If you need to fix your story, please ask us. We will only say no if we are already in the process of reviewing your story, If we’ve already reviewed your story at the time you ask, we will let you know but you will be allow to update at that time but the update will not change your score.

  5. Story must fit the theme. Stories that don’t will be disqualified and authors will be notified.

  6. A story can have more than one author. Just credit every author when filling out form

  7. Stories can be new stories OR be stories that have already been previously published as long as the story fits the theme

  8. We have the right to disqualify a story if it breaks any of our rules or any of episode’s rules.

  9. The deadline to enter stories is October 22nd

Interested in writing a story for the contest but need ideas?

Story Prompts

Ready to Submit Stories?

Story Entry Form


This is the rubric judges will use to judge story entries

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us here or on instagram @forumcontest! Follow us on instagram for updates. Please also help us spread the news by posting the picture below and tagging us on instaram!


If you know anyone who has a story perfect for this contest, please let them know about the contest!

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Oh, so entering!

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Glad to hear!

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Maybe I will join :grin: if I get hitten by some nice plot😑
Maybe😶 glad the deadline is October though😁

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Be ready to be wowed!

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This competition sounds amazing, how do I fill the form?

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Read through the rules and near the bottom, theres an arrow next to Ready to Submit Stories? Once you click that, the link should show up. Let me know if you have any trouble with it


Okay, thank you for your swift response.

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Can’t wait to read all the entries!!

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