Mystery's 40k Reads Free Art Giveaway

Hey everyone.My story CURSE OF THE TWINS has finally reached 40k+ reads and in this occasion I have hosted a free art giveaway on Instagram.So it’s your oportunity to win amazing prizes in just a couple participation steps.


Winners will be selected at random
~1st Winner:~

  • A Cover art/ art scene for their story
  • A drawn instagram profile picture.
  • Spam of Likes
  • Shout out of your account in my IG story.

~2nd Winner:~

  • A drawn Instagram profile picture
  • Shout out of you Instagram account in my IG story.
  • Spam of Likes

More examples of my art can be seen on my instagram

There is only 10 days left for this giveaway to end so I decided to make a thread here as a reminder for those who are unaware of it

Deadline: 25 December 2019

Random Tags

My apologies if you didn’t wanted to be tagged.
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Good Luck


I’ll enter when I get home later but I saw this:

Instead of a pfp for Instagram(if I win let’s say) could it be traded in for an art scene?


I will go share it!




Do we tag the 3 people on the post?
Also do we tag you in the post as well?

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@Danielle318 yes you can trade but with a single character art scene.

@inkkee yes me and any 3 people who might be interested in entering as well should be tagged on the giveaway post.

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I forgot to ask when I was entering :joy: for the cover/artscene it doesnt matter if the story isn’t published since it’s a giveaway right? :two_hearts:


Yes it’s not neccessary for the story to be published or not. @Shuka .

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Followed you

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Thank you. :slight_smile:

What are we supposed to do?

Repost the giveaway image on your Instagram while using the hastag #COTTgiveaway and tag any three friends and me .Like the original post on my Instagram and that’s it.

@Sydney_H sorry for so many tags but please close this.

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