Mystery's Art Tutorial Thread


Hello Episodians,
I’ve seen a lot of artists around this forum, who are beginner’s in the art field but have a huge passion for art and simultaneously quick learners so here’s an opportunity for them to learn how to draw digital art in easy steps.I’ll be making art tutorials or even posting my own art style videos.How about we start from basics. Below is How to draw a realistic looking eye in 8 easy steps:

Feel free to post your creations that you learn from the above tutorial or any suggestions on what you want to learn in the next tutorial.I can even give constructive criticisms on your own art as well.But Make sure to follow the rules of this thread.


:pencil2:Don’t make fun of others creations if yours better than them.

:pencil2: No asking advice or tips regarding mature scenes.

:pencil2:No drama at all.Do not ask me to join your art group because I’ll always deny.No art group advertisements as well.

:pencil2:If you are sensitive and can’t accept the truth so please don’t ask advice on your art because I will be a huge critique and I want my tips to be helpful to you.

Cover draw need tip