Mystic's Art Stop~ {OPEN}

Hey everyone! My name is Mystic and I’m currently hosting my own art stop! What I do here is I take in requests for things such as profile pictures, story covers, background noises, and theme music for your story!

I do not need to get paid for this! I’m doing this out of the kindness of my heart, mainly because I have nothing else to do besides school. :sweat_smile:

If you want me to create anything for you, make sure to respond to this or shoot me a message!

However, there are a few rules regarding my art stop:

✧ No inappropriate topics/requests, because you will be immediately denied and reported.

✧ I am not comfortable with doing anything super religious or mafia story line related, so please give those requests to someone else. Thanks!

✧ Please don’t get angry with me if I don’t get to your request right as you send it out! I have a life to live aswell.

✧ I will not do anything regarding any triggering topics such as gr00ming of min0rs, s@xual @buse, !ncest, or anything related to that.

Also, please note that whatever you ask from me WILL be watermarked so you don’t claim my design as your own. Want a few examples of what I do? (Which is honestly not much) Look at these!

Mystic done
Mystic 3 edit
Cover small

Thanks for stopping by!
~Mystic :blue_heart:

PS: Look out for “Bound To Fail” by me sometime in 2021!


bump ! good luck on ur shop :))

Thank you!!

Hopefully this gets a little bit of traction since I see a lot of people requesting a lot of things on other forums. :sweat_smile:


Good Luck!

Just keep promoting it on other threads then you can get more attraction :blush:


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I would be honored to be your first customer!
May i?

Sure thing! I’m really sorry for the delay. :sweat_smile: