Mythical Story help!

I want to write a new story about fairies, angels, demons, dragons etc. But I need an idea of what it should be about. Any help?

Depending on the genre:
Romance: A mythical creature falls for either another or a human - Classic Romeo & Juliet.
Action; Someone wants to take over the mythical land, but they wont go down without a fight
Horror: Mythical creatures walk among us. They look so alike us. Would you even know if you spotted one? When a rebellious group of Mythical’s decide to cause havoc among the streets, where will you be safe?
Mystery: Mythicals are dying one by one. Not by natural causes… No. Someone is taking them out. And it’s your job to find out who.
Mystery: People don’t just disappear. In a few days, your missing persons file has almost tripled. And you need to find out where these people are going and fast. Before it’s too late.

I can’t think of anymore genres atm xD Good luck though.


@epi.Blue pm me and tell me the genre bc mythical / supernatural is my specialty

It could be something like hell against heaven. Each of them has a leader (MC could be one of them) and they are constantly fighting, but if you want to add romance and drama you can let the heaven’s leader and the hell’s leader fall in love and so they’ll have to choose between love and power.

I was trying do love and dram and romance no body does want me help with story I feel all long I was up set try make friends on here nobody does want to help me.i have good ideas to a story.

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