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Based on the book Nil by Lynne Matson

Nil is an island. Nil is a paradise. Nil is a hell. Nil is your new home.

You awoke to a strange island, feeling nothing but blistering heat and coarse sand as you look around. What is this place? It matters not where you came from, only where you are now. The only goal? Escape the island in 365 days because anyone who hits the Deadline dies.

Lucky for you, there are already people there. Some relatively new, some relatively old, some days away from their Deadline. Perhaps you are already living with them in the Center or perhaps you’ve just stumbled upon them. Either way, you are going to have to learn fast because Nil is not your average island.

It’s full of twists and turns and strange creatures as well as even stranger people. Some even claim Nil itself is alive. All you need to know is that escape is a priority, privilege, and some people’s only chance at life. Because even with a Deadline, you can still die and death awaits all on Nil.

For Nil is death. For Nil is life. For Nil is your new home.

For those of you confused, let me explain how this is supposed to work exactly. Some people will have characters that have been on Nil for a while and others may have characters who have just arrived. Everyone is going to eventually make it to the Center, a sort of town where the survivors have gathered, whether you are found or find it yourself. Everyone is at least 12 but also under 19.

You have 365 days to escape and everyone’s timer can be at different places. For the new ones, you are on Day 1 and others can be on whatever day they wish. There are more rules and roles and such in the Center but I’ll go more into depth if I actually make this.

There are tons of strange and weird creatures as well as new environments to discover and find. If you join, some of your characters may die so understand that no character is safe. You may choose if you want your character to escape or die but there is no guarantee!

Sign Up Form | Bold = Optional

Name -
Nickname -
Age -
Gender -
Sexuality -
Biography -
Personality -
Role (Only for those in the Center) -
Deadline (Ex. 21 days means you’ve been here for 21 days, not that you have 21 left.) -
Faceclaim -
Relationships -
Extra Info -

A few things to consider

  • Glasses and other accessories do not come over with you, only clothes
  • You can be from anywhere around the world!
  • The portal that brought you over can have appeared anywhere, even in a McDonalds
  • You can reserve for only one character if you wish but feel free to reserve for more!
  • If your character lives in the Center feel free to have relationships with other characters also in the Center
  • If you are going to be someone who has just arrived on the island, just reserve for a Newbie. Newbies don’t have a Deadline or a Role so you can just remove those

The Island

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@TheBluGeek, do I need to read the book to do this RP?


Nope! It’s totally fine if you haven’t read the book


reserve (unsure how many characters for now, somewhere from 1-3 though)


Okay, thank you. :slight_smile:
@TheBluGeek Also, when does the RP start?


Reserve for (1-2 character for now I’m not sure yet)


Reserve for a mapper, searcher, (Hunter or Forger or builder not sure yet), and scientist


Haven’t made a date yet, probably in at least a month though to give everyone time


Reserve for 1 cook


reserve for a priority and a hunter


Oh yeah if you’re going to reserve for someone new to the island, just say you are reserving for a Newbie (am so creative)


Reserve for a Newbie.


Maybe a reserve for… one or two?


could I reserve a Priority, a Newbie, and a Cook?

darn you Blu I love all of them so much I couldn’t decide~


Name- Ashleigh Chen
Nickname- Ash
Age- 18
Gender- nonbinary (they/them)
Sexuality- pansexual
Biography- TBD
Personality- Ash is the kind of person who can shock others with how absolutely blunt they are at times. Sarcastic and self-deprecating (and deprecating towards others in a joking way), they can be a bit negative, but don’t have any bad intentions from their attitude. They are always making puns or jokes, often dark ones, even in the worst of situations, and they are very honest- they will always point out what they think is wrong and are highly stubborn about their opinion, often getting into arguments or literally fighting people. They hold a lot of grudges and can be a bit childish about them. They will never tolerate anyone disrespecting their pronouns or sexuality or those of anyone else, though they make sure they make it clear that they don’t fall under traditional gender labels from the time they meet someone. Humor is something of a coping mechanism for them- by jokingly being negative about life and people around them, they keep out any real negativity, but they’d rather not let any positivity in either. They never talk about their family and hate being asked about it.
Deadline- 0 (Newbie)
Relationships- N/A
Extra Info- Are there faceclaims? If so, this. If not, ignore it lol.


Name- Forrest Sawyer
Age- 16
Gender- male
Sexuality- gay
Biography- TBD
Personality- Forrest is a sweet and wholesome guy. He’s always smiling, laughing, and socializing and seems to have absolutely no worries whatsoever- probably because he really doesn’t worry about anything, no matter how pressing it seems or is. He’s got a constant positive outlook, sometimes to the point of annoyance, but he can also be the voice of reason from time to time, even though he isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer. He’s highly creative and hands-on and loves to do things rather than listen to things- he’s rather fidgety when he’s forced to sit still. He always leaps before he leaps and springs into action before anyone else will, which can lead him into trouble. He’s a follower, not a leader. He never really gets angry, but he does often get frustrated with other people with negative attitudes or who shut him down or with things that he can’t do. He always has to be going somewhere, doing something, talking with someone, and when he can’t, he isn’t sure what to do.
Role- Cook
Deadline- 183
Relationships- nothing yet, but I’m open to finding him one!
Extra Info- if there are FCs, this is his


Name- Veronica Peters
Nickname: Nica
Age- 18
Gender- female
Sexuality- heterosexual
Biography- TBD
Personality- Nica is what many would call a fair weather friend. She’s always on the side of whoever seems to have the highest odds of winning/surviving whatever’s thrown at them and whoever treats her the best, and she’ll drop someone without a second thought if they lose priority to her. She talks to a lot of people to form alliances she can use later. She’s used to the fancy and nice things in life and flirting to get what she wants. She isn’t very smart, and during serious situations, she always relies on whichever one of her allies seems to be faring best. She’s highly reliant on other people.
Role (Only for those in the Center)- Priority
Deadline- 10
Relationships- none yet but open to finding her one!
Extra Info- TBD

I apologize for all the TBDs lol- just wanted to have a skeleton outline for everyone before I created them.


Name - Riley
Nickname - RyRy
Age - 14
Gender - Girl
Sexuality - Straight
Biography -TBD
Personality - Outgoing, nice, if frustrated will throw hands
Role (Only for those in the Center) - Caregiver
Deadline (Ex. 21 days means you’ve been here for 21 days, not that you have 21 left.) - 15
Relationships - NAH
Extra Info - I have green eyes like a cats.
Face claim:


Name - Anyce Shivers

Nickname -N/A

Age - 16

Gender - female

Sexuality -straight

Biography - Anyce has always love cooking and baking ever since her mom taught her. Coming to this island scared her yet made her excited so she hopes that she can make it out. Mostly because it’s just her and her mom at home and her mom really needs her the most because in her life her mom has always been her best friend.

Personality- Anyce can be really hyper and fun at times. She’s also been told that she can be older then her age and a kid all at once. She finds it hard to try and take things seriously especially when it’s something big going on. You can always count on her to crack a joke at the worst times.

Role (Only for those in the Center) - cook

Deadline (Ex. 21 days means you’ve been here for 21 days, not that you have 21 left.) -(newbie)

Relationships -

Extra Info -
FaceClaim: https://pin.it/kbzlwww6y42e4m






Reserve for a recorder, please.


Reserve for a tamer and a newbie