Na na na na, na na na na, hey hey-ey, goodbye!

So, I’ve being wondering throughout the forums and seen a lot of people start to take breaks. It’ not that I don’t want to join the ‘trend’. I just want to do this because, I’m on my last Quarter, and I revolve around a busy world, and I don’t want to force myself to stay here and have more stress be thrown on my back. As of right now, I go on here to attempt to make others feel welcomed and happy, when I’m not. I should be studying, correcting my behavior, spend time with family/friends, and even be with the person I love too as well. Instead I’m going on forums that takes up at least a good 3 hours of my life. With my grades dropping, I think it’s best if I take a break. Not just any break, a long break. Most likely until summer starts. I’ll miss you all !!

"My Ass Grades

Fill me in on the tea :heavy_heart_exclamation::wave::v:

See ya Later,

Marcella :revolving_hearts:


Bye :sob:

I usaully just go on the forums on the weekends :woman_shrugging: I’m able to keep my grades up

See you when you come back :slight_smile: