Nacht’s Cover Thread 🌟 (CLOSED)


Hello!! I’m Nacht and this is my cover art service thread. I’ll be making covers using Episode characters or custom illustrations of characters (see examples below). I’ll only be doing a few requests at a time, so watch out for the status of this thread.

Read the rules please! A lot of requests are being rejected due to not having read it closely.

I’m a beginner to digital illustration but I wanted to venture out, and I think I have a solid foundation in graphic design—or at least used to—but I haven’t done it in a looooong time. So please bear with me and my rough edges! I’ve wanted to get back for a while, but life has been too busy and fast-paced. Now it’s summer though, so I’ll have more free time.

Here are some examples of my work:
Episode Character Style (left) & Custom Illustrated Style (right)

I’ll need a good reference photo if you want an illustrated version because as I said before I’m very new to this!!
Also disclaimer: the style of these covers will probably change and evolve as I get more practice.

Some rules:
▹ If you receive a cover from me, you cannot request anyone else for a cover. Any other graphics or different cover size is fine.
▹ I would prefer if the story was published or close to publishing, because otherwise it would be a bit useless on my part. But at the same time, I’m just kind of messing around to get back into it so maybe I’ll let that pass??
▹ All my services are free, I only request crediting me clearly within your first chapter for my time and effort.
▹ If I give you the cover, you have 72 hours to pick it up or DM me with the changes, else I’ll make it a premade for someone else to take.
▹ Fill in the form completely and thoroughly with specific information and sufficient ideas. If there is a lack of or unclear information, it will be rejected.
▹ Be respectful and patient!! Especially patient. I may take a while because I’m new at drawing and haven’t done graphics in ages (also I have commitment issues, heh).
▹ I can reject for any reason, even if I’ve already accepted.
▹ So I know you read all the way, when claiming the remade, make sure to add “:star2:” somewhere in your response.

Not a rule, but I prefer doing fantasy or quirky covers (generally just where I can get really creative in putting together) as opposed to covers with just a plain background, plain characters, plain text, and voilà. (For example, the Game Plan cover.) It can get really monotonous after a while, so I’d appreciate if you hit me up with something fun and not totally eye-gouging.

Cover Form (copy & paste as a reply)

Tagline (optional):
Author (optional):
Story Description:
Cover Size: small [ ] | large [ ]
Style (one only): Episode character [ ] | Illustration [ ]
Pose Reference (for Illustration only):
Episode Character Descriptions: (It is important you WRITE the details, and maybe assisting image. Don’t forget outfit!)
Story Link:

See post below for an example request form to get satisfactory results.

Slots Open: 0

▹ Dr.Smile07 - The Pregnancy Curse
▹ dimarie8813 - I’m A…
▹ LeaHol - Living With Wolves
▹ Jahstoriess - Sensuality
▹ Ayve - His Girl

CURRENTLY WORKING ON: dimarie8813 - I’m A…

Happy cover requesting!


Not requesting, but those are super nice!


Example form:

Title: Game Plan :star2:
Tagline: N/A
Author: Lilah Pieroni
Story Description: After his lover dies in an accident, quarterback star Tal Jacobson builds a wall around himself from his friends, family, and even football. Then Eva Tucker swoops into the scene and it seems like sparks are flying between them. But it won’t be easy for either of them as they will need to learn to face their darkest secrets or risk losing each other.
Cover Size: small [x] | large [ ]
Style: Episode character [ ] | Illustration [x]
Ideas: Tal and Eva embracing, American football/varsity theme, maybe Eva wearing Tal’s letterman jacket (in Eva’s outfit, she’s wearing a normal sized letterman but I would like an oversized male one for the cover), no hinting of death or sadness aspects please, neutral mood, some hints of red, black, and white as it’s the school’s colors (not too much)
Pose Reference:
Any other kind of embrace pose is okay.
Episode Character Descriptions: Limelight


Body: Beige Gold
Brow: Straight Medium (Black Dark)
Hair: Wavy Messy (Black Dark)
Eyes: Male Deep Sunken (Brown Dark)
Face: Square Jaw
Nose: Grecian Narrow
Lips: Medium Heart (Fair Rose Matte)
Outfit: Swoopneck Tee Grey White, Boots Motor Lace Leather Black, Baggy Jeans Simple Belt Denim Blue Oxford


Body: Beige Rose
Brow: Arched Natural (blackJet)
Hair: Beach Wave Hair (Medium Warm Brown)
Eyes: Deepset Almond (Green Emerald)
Face: Heart Soft
Nose: Round Broad
Lips: Small Heart (Rose Matte)
Outfit: Varsity Coat Plain School Polyester Grey Black, Rippedleggingssimple Grey Black, Booties Ankle Leather Black



Thank you very much! :slight_smile:


Your illustrated example is so awesome! :heart_eyes:


So gorgeous :scream::scream:


Title: A little deadly
Tagline: Popcat2010
Author:Popescu Catalina
Story description: You’re “the devil’s spawn” and you don’t listen to anyone, but what happens when someone puts a bounty on your sister’s head and when a ghost from the past comes back to life.
Cover size: small and large
Serena: Skin- dark
Brow-seductive arch
Hair- straight(black)
Eyes- upturned feline (white)
Nose- elven
Lips- full round(dark)

Alec: Skin- tan
Brow-thin arch
Hair- short cropped (charcoal)
Eyes-stoic almond/sarcastic (black)

Outfit: Serena
-Black Biker Jacket
-Black Cupcake Gal Tank
-Black Leather Leggings
-Black Sporty Chic Sneakers
-Key Necklace

Outfit: Alec:
-Lady Rose Tatoo (Cade)
-Blue Moon Jacket
-VNeck Tshirt (black)
-Ripped Punk Pants
-Black High Top Dance Shoes

Background: mugshot


Title: The Pregnancy Curse
Tagline: N/A
Author: Dr.Smile
Story Description: Being the bad boy always seems like fun and games, but for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Too bad Tristan Stuart realized this way too late. [Male MC]
Cover Size: small [x] | large [ ]
Style: Episode character [ ] | Illustration [x]
Ideas: Carmela disappointed at or annoyed and Tristan next to her, angry with his arms crossed. Or maybe you could also put Tristan kind of scared. For the outfits, a leather jacket for Tristan and ripped pants and Carmela wears Jeans with anything but a crop top so. I think for the background a spell room if not a school hallway.
Any other poses but affectionate ones are ok.
Episode Character Descriptions: Ink

-Skin Color: Light
-Eyebrows: Thin Arch
-Hair: Short Cropped Hair, Black
-Eyes: Classic Round, Silver
-Face: Defined Triangle
-Nose: Button
-Lips: Classic, blush

-Skin Color: Caramel
-Eyebrows: Defined Natural
-Hair: Classic Bob, Charcoal
-Eyes: Upturned Luxe, Brown
-Face: Soft Heart
-Nose: Upturned
-Lips: Full Round, Azure

I understand if you reject my request but just so you know, I really love your art style. Thanks in advance. :heart_eyes::star2:


First of all your art is AMAZING I feel bless to be able to request a cover :wink: This cover is for a project I’ve been working on, I’ve published many stories and I usually make my own covers due to not really liking others styles, but I decided to request one as i really love your style!
Title: Sensuality
Tagline (optional): N/A
Author (optional): Jayda MacGillivray
Story Description: Captured by his thirst, his lust. He feds off your body and smirks at your sensuality. During the rush, will fulfilling his desires be the only thing you’re around for?
Cover Size: small [x ] | large [ ]
Style (one only): Episode character [ x] | Illustration [ ]
Ideas: My idea of the cover would be Amber (the MC) sitting on Prynce’s (the LI) lap while having a bite mark on her neck and maybe looking down on him and he looking up on her. Also have more a dark appeal. It’s a vampire story.
Pose Reference (for Illustration only):
Episode Character Descriptions:

  • Facial Shape - Oval
  • Skintone - Tan
  • Hair - Beach Wave, Grey.
  • Eyebrows - Mature Round
  • Eyes - Upturned Feline, Pine.
  • Nose - Upturned
  • Mouth - Full Round, Blush but for cover I believe Scarlet will be best.

  • Facial Shape - Diamond
  • Skin tone - Tan
  • Hair - Short Cropped, Punky Purple.
  • Eyebrows - Medium Sharp
  • Eyes - Round Piercing, Hickory.
  • Nose - Button
  • Mouth - Uneven, Terracotta.

Story Link: Unpublished

New Writing Team! (CLOSED)

@Popcat2010 You’re missing too many requirements, so I’ll have to reject. Sorry.

@Arwen Due to lack of ideas I can work with, I’ll have to reject. Thank you for taking time out to do request though.

@Dr.Smile07 Could you please give me a real life photo reference to the pose your want? I suggest something more exciting and a pose you can’t do in Episode as otherwise would be pointless to illustrate. And can you give me the specific clothing you want, because I’m bad at filling blanks. Otherwise, I would accept.

@Jahstoriess I’d accept and your form looks pretty good, but you’re missing one crucial thing. :wink: If you do choose to edit it with the missing essential part, could you also give me background/prop details + outfit details.

Thank you all for stopping by and sorry for any inconveniences.


Title: I’m A…
Tagline (optional): N/A
Author (optional): N/A

Cover Size: small
-But if you don’t mind can it be an outro, it will be in my story every episode. Here are the dimensions: 640 x 1136

Style : Illustration

Story Description

-Riley wants to be on the football team, but Xander is always in her way. Little did they know fate would take a different route. Can Riley make the team or will fate repeat itself?


Basically I want Riley to be on top of Xander, wearing a football helmet. (Their school colors are Yellow and Black) Riley is sort of teasing Xander. While Xander is on the bottom of her annoyed, and just slumped. Xander has a foot ball in his hand and Riley is reaching for it with one hand while balancing on his head with the other. And they’re sitting on the bleachers sort of like the background you used in your example. (I’m sorry the background isn’t exciting) Also Riley is 5’4 and has freckles and Xander is 6’2 and has a cut on his eyebrow. Lastly Riley hair is really curly, so if you can, can you make her ponytail really curly, I’ll put an example.



Episode Character Descriptions:


Hair: High Ponytail (Fawn)
Face: Soft Heart
Eyebrows: Soft Angled
Eyes: Round Classic (Toffee)
Nose: Upturned
Mouth: Classic (toffee)
Skin: Olive


Hair: Short Cropped (black)
Face: Diamond
Eyebrows: Medium Sharp
Eyes: Deepset piercing (white)
Nose: Button
Mouth: Uneven (terracotta)
Skin: Tan


-Can you make the white areas black, and the blue area yellow





Story Link: It’s Unpublished, but it will published in about two weeks, I also have another story so I’m an active writer.

Hopefully you liked my ideas, and I wrote everything that you needed. I also added extras just in case you needed them. :star2:


You’re missing one important thing in your form (also written character details would be lovely). :wink:


Title: Living With Wolves:star2:
Tagline (optional): wolf, werewolf, claire, leo, discovering thruth
Author (optional): LeaHol
Story Description: Claire seems to be a normal girl like you and me. However, she is to discover that she wasn’t meant to live this live from the beginning. Read and find out who she really is.
Cover Size: small [x ] | large [ ]
Style (one only): Episode character [x] | Illustration [] (actually what you decide to be more fitting for my suggestions)
Ideas: maybe main character plus four wolves (black, amber, brown and honey coloured) which is asked way too much, sorry :smiley:
now for real :smiley: main character in surprised pose and male characters around her in the woods? maybe a the atmosphere can be a little mystical or darker
main character is Claire (see photo)
Pose Reference (for Illustration only): as given in the character pictures or something (Claire: react_startled_surprised, Eric: flirt_coy, Joseph: armscrossed, Leo: handsonhips)
Episode Character Descriptions: As seen in photos
CLAIRE: skin: beige light rose, brow: arched thin in chestnut brown, hair: long feathered in dark brown, eyes: female generic in brown dark, face: diamond long, nose: defined natural, lips: full heart pouty in peach gloss
ERIC: skin: tan gold, brows: straight medium in chestnut brown, hair: wavy quiff in medium brown, eyes: deepset downturned in brown light, face: triangle chiseld , nose: male generic, lips: full heart natural in fair gold matte.
SCOTT: skin: tan gold, brows: round thin in dark brown, hair: slicked back solid in dark brown, eyes: oval wide in green emerald , face: square jaw, nose: grecian narrow, lips: full heart natural in fair gold matte
LEO: skin: tan gold, brows: round thin in deep brown , hair: generic short in blonde medium, eyes: oval wide in grey cool, face: traingle chiseled, nose: male generic, lips: medium heart in beige rose
JOSEPH: skin: tan gold, brows: arched medium in deep brown, hair: male generic in dark black , eyes: deepset downturned in deep blue , face: diamond soft, nose: hooked grecian, lips: full heart natural in fair neutral matte
Story Link:

Claire (main) (click to open full picture)

CLAIRE Silver Cuff Leggings Spandex Grey Black, Lace Cape Stiletto Heels Leather Grey Black, Laced sleeveless undershirt satin yellow cream, quilted pattern panelling belted open jacket grey cool dark
ERIC oxford cap toe leather black, wedding uniform cotton grey dark cool, open accented pocketed top dark label open jacket polyester red wine, tight fitted tank top cotton grey white,
LEO torn knees jeans denim grey black, boots rugged leather black, swoopneck tee grey white
JOSEPH muscle shirt short sleeves swoopneck neutral white, zipperchest jacket leather brown burnt, pressed slack pants cotton grey black, pull tab yellow stiched rubber heel boot matte leather black snake skin
SCOTT business slacks formal cherry red, high top hipster canvas grey, swoopneck tee cotton grey black
as for the background maybe smth like this



but I unfortunately don’t hold the rights to them

btw. 4 chapters already published. With sound and CC in chapter 5



Pose Idea:

Real life inspiration:
For the facial expressions make Tristan look annoyed and in pain and Carmela look frustrated. I’d also like it if you could make their hair look all “ruffled” and messed up. (To kind of look like they’ve been fighting for awhile) She’s choking him by the way. If you think that’s too boring or not hard enough, then give them a few bruises too and some band-aids. For the background, I was thinking maybe a restaurant background or a school hallway or if that’s too boring a spell room.
Here’s a spell room background: (Credits to vd_backgrounds)


Thank you for your time, and I hope you accept my request.


@Dr.Smile07 I’ll see what I can do, but accepted for now. :slight_smile:
@LeaHol Read the rules closely please! You’re missing something.


I hear you like fantasy :star2:

(This is for a friend btw)

Title: Crying Galaxies
Tagline (optional): N/A
Author (optional): Hoodie
Story Description: Normal Girl With a normal life? Nope, not anymore, welcome to Galixis, get ready to shed some tears.
Cover Size: small [x ] | large [x ]
Style (one only): Episode character [ ] | Illustration [x ]
Ideas: For the small cover, I would like to have the guy and the girl doing those poses below. With the guy on the left and the girl on the right. The guy is a bit taller than the girl, and he’s looking down at her with a smirk. The girl is looking up at him with a smirk. Maybe with them being in a spaceship with a window that shows they’re in space. For the large cover, I would like the girl to be standing in ruins, with tears down her face, but an angry expression. She’s clenching her fists as if she’s just won a battle. She’s dirty and everything .
Pose Reference (for Illustration only):
The Guy for small cover -
The Girl for small cover -

Episode Character Descriptions: (It is important you WRITE the details, and maybe assisting image. Don’t forget outfit!)
MC - Female :
Skin - Taupe
Face Shape - Oval
Brows - Defined Natural
Hair - Natural Curls
Hair Color - Black
Eyes - Upturned Feline
Eye color - Brown
Nose - Elven
Mouth - Full around
Mouth Color - Orange Crush
Outfit - Gold pendant necklace, small fish nets, black valentine tank top, school girl skirt (cherry red), and black sporty chic sneakers

The guy:
Skin Color - Tan
Face Shape - Diamond
Brows - Thick Arch
Hair - Spiked Up Hair
Hair Color - Platinum Blond
Eyes - Stoic Almond
Eye color - Black
Nose - Button
Mouth - Smirk
Mouth color - Taupe
Outfit - Loose White Shirt, Ripped Punk Pants, Denim Vest, Black Hipster High top sneakers (he’s a wannabe bad boy)

Story Link: Not published yet but on the 3rd episode.

P.S. thank you so much for this, even though it’s not official, thank you for bringing your talent to this community.


sorry, forgot with all the writing :smiley:


Thank you.


Okay, I’ll pm you.


Is it okay now?