Nacht’s Cover Thread 🌟 (CLOSED)


Title: His Girl
Tagline (optional): N/A
Author (optional): Avery
Story Description: You leave your old past behind to start an entirely new life, but when you meet Jax will your past start to show? Or will you have to sacrifice your love to keep it hidden.
Cover Size: small [ ] | large [x ]
Style (one only): Episode character [ x] | Illustration [x ]
Ideas: I would like Jax to be smirking down at Cassidy and Cassidy would be raising an eyebrow looking at the readers. Also here’s the background!

Pose Reference (for Illustration only):

Episode Character Descriptions:

Skin: Tan

Eyebrows: Seductive Arch

Hair: Straight (Chestnut)

Eyes: Upturned Bold (Blue)

Face: Oval

Mouth: Classic (Crimson)

Nose: Elven

Skin: Honey
Hair: Cropped (Black)
Face: Defined Triangle
Brow: Medium Sharp
Eyes: Gentle Almond (White)
Nose: Button
Mouth: Uneven (Taupe)

Story Link:
N/A (I’m in the making of chapter 10 I want to publish in bundles)


Thank you, I didn’t notice.


@dimarie8813 Your request was approved! However, can you delete your last post as I want people to read the rules directly. Thanks.
@LeaHol Your request was approved!

I’m currently moderating other requests right now (so if you already posted but haven’t been notified, I’m reading through yours). Otherwise, PLEASE DON’T REQUEST. THIS THREAD IS CLOSED UNTIL I FINISH THIS BATCH OF ORDERS.


Yay thank you and deleted. :heart_eyes::grin::star2:


@Ayve I’m a bit confused, you wanted an Episode Character cover, but you put a pose reference and the reference shown was a partially illustrated one. What is it that you wanted? (If it was illustrated, I’d need an IRL pose reference, not Episode characters as the poses are too unnatural :see_no_evil:) If you could clear this up, I think I can accept.

@ElleBunny I’m so sorry, but I don’t think I could do this request. Thanks for taking time out to fill the forms though. :heart:


I fixed it, I changed my pose ref, but I’d like it if it didn’t show the whole body Just from their waist all the way up (if my request is accepted)


I’m a still a bit confused. It says you want an Episode Character cover but it seems to me like you’re describing an illustrated one? Could you please clarify what you wanted? Thanks.


I’m so sorry about that, I forgot to mark that I wanted an illustrated one. But it’s fixed now!


You request is accepted now.


I know you have your rights to decline, but I was wondering if there’s anything I should change in my request to make it easier for you to complete?


just a question, when will u be repoening?


When I finish all my requests.


Nothing small, no. Sorry, I just don’t think I could work with any of the ideas given. Additionally, I think I have enough orders for now.


@nachtmyth I have a question do you draw everything?

And btw your art work is amazing i don’t want to request anything i just want to say it’s beautiful


I don’t completely understand what you’re asking, but… I drew the characters completely in the “Game Plan” example cover. Used some reference (because anatomy’s still a foreign language to me), but the characters you see in the cover are drawn completely by myself. Background was an Episode asset, text was created with Photoshop’s functions. For the “When Stars Cross” cover, I didn’t draw the characters. Mostly just edited it together. Hope that answered your question. xx


Okay thanks! but they are still awesome :heart:


Question: Since you’re not working on mine could I change the background? That would be the last change!