Nae’s Help Thread ✨(Tutorials, Guides, Etc)

Yess, i’ve seen your art work and GIRL YOU ARE CRAZY TALENTED!!


Aw thank you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Bump :sparkles: If things go accordingly I should have time to make at least one tutorial tomorrow.


Bump :sparkles: Is this style of eye alright for a tutorial or would a simpler style be better?

  • Style In Photo
  • Simpler Style

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The tutorial shouldn’t take that long to make since I’ve been practicing.


Bump :two_hearts: I’ll start typing up the tutorial. Bare with me, I’m terrible at explaining things :joy:


So to start off I’m using IbisPaint X, I’m not that experienced in other apps so I won’t be much help if you don’t use IbisPaint but I can try :sparkles:

If you don’t know how to turn on stabilizer

Press the finger button and change your settings to look like what’s shown in the picture :sparkles:

The first thing you do is choose a base color.

From there you add a layer and use one of the darkest shades of that color for the pupil.

Once you do that add another layer between the pupil and base color. You’ll press the clipping button and change the layer to add. If you don’t know how to do that just press the button I outlined in blue on the bottom right and scroll until you see “Add”.

Using Dip Pen (Soft) (change it so that the brush is smaller) and stabilizer go around and make a bunch of lines. Perfect explanation :joy: Once you’ve done that slightly blur it with Gaussian Blur.

The next step is to merge the layer with the lines and the base. With the button circled below.

Then you’ll make a new layer and clip that to the base. Using a darker color you can just make a few slightly thicker lines and blur them too before merging. If the color is really dark you can just blur it at the maximum. Now you can merge all the layers together.

Add another layer, clip it, and you can use the color of the pupil and Airbrush (Triangle) to start shading in an arch shape. The closer you get to the top the darker the color you’re using to shade should be.

Merge, add layer, change the layer to Add and using a lighter color start to lighten the bottom of the eye in an upwards arch. It should look somewhat like this :arrow_down:

Merge and create a new Add layer and using the brush Felt Tip Pen (Soft) you can change the brush size and opacity to add two white dots. One on the bottom of the eye and one on the opposite top of it. You can also use Dip Pen (Soft) to add a white curved line at the bottom of the pupil.

You can search for one of the sequin brushes and use it to decorate the eye. I used Sequin Pen (Star) You don’t have to pay to use this brush, just watch an ad.

Here’s the final result :sparkling_heart:

I know I’m not the best at explaining so you can ask me to clarify anything :sparkles:

If you’re using this for an art piece it’s best to draw the eye on that canvas instead of uploading it and resizing it into the piece!


this was very helpful :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :blob_hearts:


I’m glad :two_hearts: I felt like it made no sense whatsoever :joy:


it does!!!


Eye outlining tutorial next or hair? :two_hearts:

  • Eyes!
  • Hair

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I’ve noticed a lot of new artists appearing on forums so I’ll be posting tips for them before I make the hair tutorial :sparkles: Also if anyone doesn’t know how to do custom poses for art requests I’ll be helping make poses for you :sparkling_heart:


Hey im in need of help with hair and custom poses :sparkling_heart::joy:


I have yet to make a pose tutorial :joy: Right now if anyone needs me to make one for a request and they can’t/don’t know how to recreate it I can do it for them. The actual pose tutorial will be way more in depth.


Would you make one for me? If you have time :sparkling_heart:


Sure :sparkles: Btw it won’t be perfectly cut out or anything so some white lines will still be shown.


I dont mind :joy: its gonna draw over thank you :sneezing_face::raised_hands:, do you want me to PM you or?


My pms are always busy so it’s fine if you leave the details here :sparkling_heart:

Okay u can choose any pose

@credit to @zara3 :sparkling_heart:


Do you need it to be full body, what facial expression, and do you want her to be wearing an outfit or without clothing? :purple_heart::sparkles:

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Without clothing, and you dont need to do any facial expression, yes full body please :sparkling_heart::sneezing_face: ty