Nae's Help and Art Thread (Open) 🎉

Hey Nae, I’ll put down the details of characters today

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Alright and thanks

May I please request a splash preferably drawn of course…Please Take Your Time…I dont want you to feel rushed…

Character Details


Any background works for me…so feel free to pick which you like the best

Background 1


Background 2


Background 3


Background 4



This Story contains Strong Language and Mature Themes


I cant decide which pose…But also i wanted to give you options to which you think you’ll be able to draw…I would prefer something like the first pose though, but it its not possible please let me know and ill come up with another pose

Pose 1


Pose 2

The way his hand is posed…is what i like…
images-2 )

Pose 3


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Well crap I have no idea how to draw those poses :joy: Hands aren’t really my strong suit

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its fine how about something like


if not then an animation you think fits with the splash is fine

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Sure I’ll try. :joy::two_hearts: I’m half sleep rn but I’ll work on it tomorrow.

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Thank You and get some rest…i apologize if it was me who kept you up…and if it wasn’t me then i take my sorry back

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No your fine lol :revolving_hearts:

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Bump :revolving_hearts::tada:

Open and I have a new example

How’s this? I know the hand is awful. I can’t seem to get it right. I’ll change anything you need me to then I’ll color it in. :two_hearts::revolving_hearts:

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I would like art feedback on my first piece!


I would say use stabilizer and layer things like clothing, hair, face, etc.

Limelight isn’t the easiest style to do but if that’s what you wanted to start if trying that’s fine. I started off on Ink. The selection layer helps you to not overlap colors and areas instead of using paint pucket which could be messy. I see a little overlap and uncolored spots but with practice you’ll be better.

I think your shading is pretty good for a beginner but try to shade in more areas like where the hair overlaps the body. Her eyebrows are gorgeous. I struggle to draw those myself and I know faces are hard because I struggled with them too but over time I got better.

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Thanks for the advice! I also tried ink.


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Your eyebrows are perfect lol. Maybe just stablizer and if your not planning on coloring it in you don’t have to outline it in color. But yeah since your still new to things I think you should just try to do the regular hair and clothing then when you get more comfortable you can switch over little by little to your own hair and clothes. :two_hearts::revolving_hearts:


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Alright. Here you are :revolving_hearts:

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Hi love! i really need covers for my new story! Do you make covers?

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Yes I do :revolving_hearts:

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Great! Can you please make me one?

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