Nae's Help and Art Thread (Open) πŸŽ‰

Sure Just send me the details :two_hearts: Like drawn or edited/ LL or Ink/ How many characters. I kinda struggle with males a lil.

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Is it okay if i sent them tomorrow?

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Sure :purple_heart:

Alright just send them when you get a chance :sparkling_heart:

Do you want to make a character detail banner?

Pose; everything is fine.

These details but the hair is side swept updo long. Neutral 03 skintone

Clothing; vneck mini dress plum with peeptoe wedge plum

Thank you!

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In school rn but I’ll get it to you asap :revolving_hearts:

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Oh frick I’m so sorry. Do you still need it?

Do you still want a cover?


I would like to make a request :smile:
Like: Splash
What I would like it to say: Waring Cringy jokes

On the character sheet


I would like this to be the waist and up, please.

Thanks in advance,

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Sorry about the quality. I should’ve put up that I wasn’t going splashes anymore since my phone acts up.


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It’s okay. Thanks.

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Sunday I’ll close this

Oof bump

Bump :pensive:

I don’t need anything at the moment, but in the future I may request some custom poses for my stories. If this thread ends up getting closed, could I PM you?

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Sure :sparkling_heart:

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Bump and I have new examples but I’m too lazy to put them up rn :joy: I’m able to do Limelight art now btw.

Bump :new_moon_with_face: