Naked characters in my story

Recently, I’ve been receiving a lot of fanmail regarding my characters having no clothes on while reading my story on Episode.

I’ve even had someone take screenshots of some characters and some of them are topless/bottomless without the censor bar on which isn’t a good sight (plus it violates the Episode guidelines) and I don’t want my story to be taken down or deleted when it’s not my fault :frowning_face:

However, when I read the story myself and go on my outfits to double check nothing is missing; it all seems fine.

Does anyone know what’s causing this glitch?

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I’m not sure what’s causing it but I’ve seen it before. What style are you using?


I have had the glitch too in bigger stroies like Stripped nit my own but all I have to do it close the app and reopen it and click the episode again its not your glitch you can’t fix it, its episodes so maybe put a narration beforw you start your story saying “If you have a glitch where the characters don’t have clothes please close and reopen your app, Thanks”

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That’s on episodes side, this isn’t your fault. If you put a little warning at the start of each episode or the story, then readers will know. This also happened to me when I was reading my story back and I got so confused :joy:

a lot of people having this error recently. I even experienced in my own story and also received a fanmail asking why my characters are not clothed. I hope people realize that that’s a glitch and don’t start to report stories, send a support ticket :slight_smile: so Episode knows that’s there’s something they should look into, and a lot of people experience this.


Here’s the help ticket link for sending one in to the support team: help ticket :wink:

Also moved this to Episode Fan Community since it’s not about coding. Make sure to check out our Forum Tutorial for more info about where to correctly create topics, and feel to ask me if there are any questions. :wink:

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