Naked Characters . . . ? (in the app)

My readers been experiencing a bug, where characters are not wearing clothes. From my end, everything seems fine.

However, I’m curious if anyone else is having this problem? Perhaps it’s a certain clothing item that is glitching out?

I’d like to file a support ticket, but as of right now, I don’t know if it’s Me, The App, or something else.


I have had this when reading stories and a few I have read has done it. And other times they have square heads and other weir things. :confused:

I’ve had a few readers DM me on IG and a couple of fanmails telling me that all the characters are naked.

There is a current bug affecting stories (I know for sure LL but I don’t know about INK), where a small minority are experiencing naked characters.

Unfortunately it’s just a waiting game until Episode fix it :woman_shrugging:t3: I tell them to send a support ticket with screenshots as there isn’t anything I can do.

Okay, that is such a relieve as I was worried it might be something from my end xD

Thank you

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That has happened to me. Tell them to exit out of the app and then go back on. It fixes it.

It’s happening also in INK. I was reading a story today and suddenly all were naked (I’m glad .this time I have 18+ :joy::sweat_smile:)
This happening because of the new update. There is a bug and they will fix it as soon as possible.

Yes, it’s happened to me during one story a background character was naked. I took a screenshot and sent it to the author because it was only one, but then I read another and various characters were missing either a shirt or pants or both… And come to think of it, I did a review on a story and half way through half their characters lost their clothes as well lol. That was a couple of weeks ago

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Yeah, it happens a lot. Everytime you exit the app for a quick break and return, the characters don’t have any clothes on. I’ve experienced this in an INK story but it had only affected the LL clothing that was used in INK. Too bad you can’t really restart the episode without restarting the whole story, there’s not much you could do to fix the bug though.

You just exit out of episode and then go back on.

Oh, really? Where were you when I had to sit through a whole episode with naked people?


my characters haven’t been naked as far as i’m aware, BUT my character’s signature look has red shorts, and on the app, they’re gray, even though they’re red when i preview on the portal!


Seen it in a few stories, in my as well. Sometimes they lack just one piece of cloth, shoes or bottom. Don’t know why’s that. But sometimes getting out of story helps.

Actually, this didn’t work when it happened to me. It works when I have the disappearing characters glitch, but not for the naked characters glitch


Does anyone have an update if this is solved?

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You just exit out of the app, then go back on. It worked for me.

This bug is still alive and somewhy Episode team does not fix it! :hot_face: I had the same issue when reading member’s story - half of the people were naked, bald and even some of their heads were transparent. I wrote her and she was like wtf is going on.

Now I am experiecing same issue in Mobile Creator Portal. Even speechbubbles are missing!!!