Name As Many Romantic Clichés as you can

Guys, I want you to name as many romantic clichés as you can, and I’ll try to write a 3 chapter story based off of it! Might turn into a disaster, or who knows? Maybe the best thing ever :joy:


love at first sight. as cliché as you can get lol


Aha! Classic rom-com-ey cliché :joy:

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A wild mafia that can only change after meeting the mc. The mafia be like she is not like the other girls.


Mafia LI: Kills anyone who doesn’t like the same ice cream favour as him and is mean to everyone he makes eye contact with

Also mafia LI when he sees MC for the first time in a random club dancing like a manic with her friends:


Bruh :joy: :joy: :joy:

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I got some…

  • The LI is mostly an over the top handsome mafia leader (with tattoos and scars), while in real life mafia leaders aren’t handsome at all :roll_eyes: The most of them are in reality old ugly men. :raised_hands:t2:;
  • The MC’s ex has cheated on MC and is jealous when she meets LI. :roll_eyes:;
  • There has to be always a mean girl, that wants to make MC’s life a living hell, because the MC and the mean girl both want to be with the LI;
  • The MC and LI love each other instantly, without learning to know each other :roll_eyes:;
  • For the MC it’s always easy to get pregnant from LI (except if the MC is a guy of course, but mostly MC’s are female.) and the pregnancy doesn’t have complications.;
  • Those pregnancies are ‘unexpected’, mostly discovered when the LI runs away from MC, or is on a business trip or for an unknown reason away for a few months (or even years);
  • The mean girl needs to fake pregnancy to convince LI not to be with MC but with her :roll_eyes: (get a real life, sis. :roll_eyes: Faking pregnancy is so outdated. :woman_facepalming:t2:);
  • Parents die by cancer, a (car) accident or murder, or are alcoholics or drug addicts (really, let the parents live a happy life.) :roll_eyes: (sorry had to say this, but if there are no parents around, they always are dead because of those circumstances…);
  • MC is mostly innocent and ‘not as the other girls’ :roll_eyes: and LI needs to be an handsome young bad boy who is still attending high school or college. :roll_eyes:

Oooh and most of the times the murderer of the parents is the mafia LI

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It’s a complete sentence to me… :new_moon_with_face:


romance story always takes place in high school and for some reason the MC does a lot of mature things and the parents are never concerned

If the story takes place in high school you will never see the MC in class or doing homework :joy:

The MC always has a best friend who has no personality and is only worried about if the MC has a boyfriend

The love interest is usually toxic.

**The love interest and MC always bump into each other. (For some reason the Author can’t find any other way to make them meet) **

Idk if the things that I’ve listed count as cliches but I’ve read a lot of stories that include this stuff


This is slightly off topic but After that’s what you call cliche baby! :tired_face:


Girl is closed-off because of some dude that she dated who left her unable to trust people. Some new guy comes along and is “completely fascinated” with the girl and will stop at nothing to win her over. the girl keeps on rejecting the guy but he won’t take no for an answer. A bunch of corny drama later, the girl caves and “falls for him”. Y’know what I’m saying? I’ve read one too many stories like these :pensive:


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