Name change! Help me pick!


Hi guys, so today I need to ask for your advice, I need a new real life nickname! I am not sure on the names below:


So there are the names, you decide, you have until the 21st of April 2018 to vote! Get your votes in by then, so I can pick the following day out of all of the votes!

Thanks, KACY( my episode name/nickname).


I honestly like Kacy or KC, honestly.


Holly. It seems different and not too common but people can still pronounce it because we all know how annoying it is when we can’t pronounce a character’s name.:grinning::thinking:


Moved to General Chat as this isn’t writing or Episode related :v:t2:


I’d go with KC. I like the two letters together.


Thanks for your opinion, I am thinking about it! Remember, if you have any more suggestions, post them!


I’ve always loved food NN’s like my friends call me Salsa


K one letter it’s pretty cool if I could manage to make people call me M as a name it would be so cool because my name is really hard to pronounce (starts with an M) also people always spell it wrong :thinking:

K is pretty cool


I thought of another suggestion. Have you thought about double barreling the name to Kacy-Holly. Or, if you’re like me, and would prefer the names to be in alphabetical order, you can always go with Holly-Kacy.


Good suggestion!


Holly sounds great!!!




I will go with Kacy