Name Change! 🧐🤔

If you wanted to change your name to something else, which name/s would you choose?

Or would you keep the name you have?


I would probably change my name to something that starts with an “A.” I don’t know why but I always loved “A” names like Ariel, Aria, Ariana, Allison, etc. Plus, then I would get called first on alphabetical lists :joy:


I like the first two, and I’m glad I’m not the only one who hates being called close to end because of my name :rofl: such a struggle


Hahaha I hate having a name early in the alphabet because I always had to be the first do do things :joy:. I like my first name though. Maybe would like to change my last name to my dad’s last name :thinking: It’s a cool name :sunglasses:

I luv my name atm so I wouldn’t change it so idk lol. :purple_heart: :butterfly:

I would change my name to maliyah lol

I’d probably wanna be first just to get it over with :crazy_face: then I can just chill out


That’s a cute name. :face_with_monocle: is that a common name?

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Decisions decisions :star_struck:

I think so, but that was one of the name options for me

Isabella or Camilla
When I am Isabelle I can have Izzy as a nickname
Camilla is just w.o.w

My name rn is Elizabeth (Oh gosh ,so ugly ikr!)

Noooo… Elizabeth is pretty and is your nickname Lizzy? It’s not far off :star_struck:

@epi.imani if Imanii is your name is pretty just the same. I love unique names :smirk:


It’d probably get rid of the “y” at the end of my name lmao. I guess my parents wanted to make me special

lol so is it pronounced like Melanie or like Mah-la-niey? I probably screwed up that order :crazy_face:

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Melanie-yah lmao

People call me mel or Melanie for short

Lizzie no… :joy:
My nickname is in my language soft tongue
Cause I speak so much :joy:

I’m not sure. I have a name which would be considered foreign where I’ve always lived, so it’s misspelled and mispronounced all the time.
Despite being female, everyone calls me Roger because he was a character I made up, and would sometimes play. It just sorta became my own nickname. Lol

Luna, I love the moon. Maybe something like Sophie or Ella

Wait is your name Luna and you’d probably change it to either of those?