Name Choices - will it work in other episodes?


I thought it would be a good idea to let my readers choose between two different names (at some point in the first episode) but I want to know if the choice coding will work throughout different episodes or is it really only for the one episode that the choice is provided in? Asking so I don’t end up with errors in the future. Will this work or should I just settle on a single name?

I hope this makes sense.


how would you code this? are you using gains or are you just creating two different labels?
the way i would go about this is telling your readers to pick one of two names and then setting up a type-in choice, you sorta just have to trust them on this one but it’s the simplest way that i can think of.


I thought about that too but wasn’t sure how to progress it to where their picked name would be present in character interactions (i’m still learning a lot of these little details and trying to figure out what would be easier) but right now i’m just using the gains coding:

if (chose_bella){

}elif (chose_donna){


which is fine, i just wasn’t sure if placing this in different episodes was going to become a problem or if it would work and i don’t wanna make an entire script based off this if it’s not going to work.


All you have to do is use a simple choice and just name the choice.

What name do you want?

choice (NAME)
“Karen” continue
“Anabelle” continue

Then put NAME as the display name for the character, and whatever is chosen will be on top of the speechbubble when they talk.

To refer to that name when someone is talking in dialogue, wrap straight brackets around it.

My name is now [NAME]

If Anabelle was chosen, then the dialogue above would look like this to readers:

My name is now Anabelle


PERFECT! thank you <3


You’re welcome! Just make sure that the choice options are just the names without any periods or exclamtions marks or anything else, otherwise if your choice options look like this:

I want the name Karen!” continue
I want the name Anabelle!” continue

Then your dialogue and name on top of the speechbubble would look like this:

My name is now I want the name Anabelle!


Glad this got resolved! Closing :v:t2: