Name coding help please


I have two customizations in my first episode where you can change their names.
It says i have a script error of duplicate first name labels but i’m not sure how to go about fixing the issue…
I’m sure it’s a simple fix but my brain isn’t working today lol

Thanks for helping!!

Can you send the code?
I can’t really imagine the error…

On the left hand side it has the error messages.
The error says “Duplicate Label 'first_name_input”
I used a template from episode.
My actual code in the template says “label first name input”
thats mentioned twice as i have used a second template for another character…

both of my characters have the same code of “FIRSTNAME” because i allowed the reader to change them. If I were to script [FIRSTNAME] whose name would come up… that’s what I meant.

Sorry about the confusion, i’ts just hard to word…

I use two name customizations in my own story too, because the MC’s are twins.
What i do is:
For the actual MC, who’s the reader, i just use (NAME) ((FIRSTNAME) in your case), and for the twin of the MC i use (TWINNAME).
You really can’t have two exatly the same inputs, so if you let your reader customize two names, you’re gonna have to pick two different inputs.
Hope i explained well?
And i hope i actually got your problem :joy:

Makes so much sense!!!
Thank you so much honestly i felt so dumb but that made a lotta sense to me so thanks a bunch! :kissing_heart:

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It does make a lot of sense, lol :rofl:

Just tried to change everything but i still have the code “label_first_name_input”
i try and change it so it isnt a duplicate but it keeps saying “… is never used” and is still a script error???
I’m confused again sorry to pester you…

thanks again for your help x

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no problem!
I have some beginner struggles too!
Do you know anything of the if/else statement?

I do not, I research through the forum for things like that. If i find it too difficult, i won’t include it until i’ve learnt it… Thanks for you help, I really appreciate it. :heart_eyes:

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