Name for MC connected with weather - poll

Hi, I need name for Female MC to my story.
I need her name to be connected with stormy weather.
Story will be with some slavic/nordic origins, that’s why I chose those names :slightly_smiling_face:

  • Audra (Lithuanian name, meaning ‘storm’)
  • Thora (the goddess of thunder and storm)
  • Lyn (Norwegian Origin, means “lightning”)
  • Toril (Norse Origin, represents “Thor’s battle” or “thunder”)
  • Corentin (French Origin, name meaning"tempest" or “hurricane”)
  • Storm

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Also, if you have others ideas I would like to hear them in comments :wink:

I have a few that I think are kind of pretty.

Aella- Latin and means storm or whirlwind
Alizeh- Persian and means wind
Hurricane- Means hurricane
Tempest- Means stormy


Ok, I think I have enough, thanks for your votes :heart:

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