Name for my DL story

I mean the title pretty much says it all, but I’m trying to come up with a name for my DL story.
So far the best I can think of is DL: Forgotten Goddess but I’m not really sure how I feel about it
Feel free to drop any suggestions below!

Desc but not the type that you use when you publish your story

Okay so the story is about the Greek gods and one of Zeus’ children (a daughter) that no one has ever heard about before - Zeus made everyone forget about them because they were just a screw up
Idk how long later but at least a few years, Zeus is sending the daughter to live on earth and go to college so that they can learn and become better but she can still go back to Olympia whenever she needs to
She uses a power to get to and from Olympia
The first or second time she goes back to Olympia, she accidentally takes someone with her (the li) and the only way that Zeus won’t kill him is if he tutors and helps the mc so she becomes friends with him in return
I’m thinking she could be the goddess of revenge or something but I’m not too sure yet

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DL: The Fallen Goddess - “Fallen” because she comes down to Earth to study and turn her life around & “Goddess” because she’s the child of a God.

DL: Zeus’s daughter’s name 's Journey - “Her Name” because it’s about her and she’s the MC I presume & “Journey” because it’s like a whole adventure that she has to abide by in order to please her father right?

DL: Crossing Worlds - “Crossing” because she’s able to go to Olympia and Earth both whenever she wishes & “Worlds” because Olympia and planet Earth are two completely different “worlds”.

DL: Glory of the Other Side - “Glory” because there might be something you’re including something to happen down at her college right? Something that has that “hook” or “plot-twist”, whatever it is. “Other Side” because well Olympia and Earth are different sides…

DL: The Goddess Misfit - “Misfit” because she’s being punished by being send down to study, and she’s not obeying the rules, right?

DL: Crossover - “Crossover” because she’s going from Olympia and Earth

-that’s all I got-


Thank you so much!
I suddenly remember how indecisive I am and will be thinking about this for the rest of the day

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What about:

DL: The Fallen
DL: Power in the Highest

I can’t think of anything else

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I’m not sure about these, but I tried. :skull:

  • The Forgotten Goddess
  • The Forgotten
  • Accidental Tutor
  • The Forgotten Goddess/Daughter of Olympus
  • The Human and Me/I
  • The Human and The Goddess
  • Olympus Opposites
  • Unlikely Union
  • The Tutor of Earth, The Student of Olympus
  • Ticket to Olympus
  • Deal of Gods

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