Name for Zombie story!

I would love your opinion on a story title me and my partner are working on! And also do you like a female love interest as well as a male?

  • The Biters
  • Z end
  • The Dead rises
  • Dawn of the others
  • Other!

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The Dead Rises is a perfect one, it catches my attention. :heart_eyes:

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You should mix it

Dawn of Dead sounds really cool tbh :ok_hand:t2:

The Dead Rises sounds like the video game “Dead Rising” :joy::joy:


Sounds too close to “Dawn of the Dead” though which is a movie.

Yeah I thought the same


Lmao this reminds me of the movie “Shaun of the dead” :joy::joy:

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I’m going to say …
Yes to female LI option inclusion as well as male.

For the title I suggest something else not listed in the poll.
Grave Danger
Rise of the Rabid

Just ideas.

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