Name Ideas For My Story <3

I need help with finding a name for my story, It’s about this girl named (NAME) and her mom died in a car crash that (NAME) was in and then this new guy comes to town and he’s so quiet until you hear him seeking for revenge from you.

  • The Revenge
  • Seeking Revenge
  • A Quiet Revenge

Thanks! I might use Seeking Revenge it’s a really good name :sunny:



theyre taken

add something next to the name,

Hm, Seeking A Quiet Revenge?

too long

  • Silent Revenge
  • Revenge
  • Seeking Vengeance

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I have some ideas, if it’s not too late:
Silent Revenge
Revenge From Whispers
Deadly Vengeance
Taking Vengeance

I don’t know, I’m sorry if they suck, lol.

i like the silent revenge, its a good name!

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I hope you like them I guess?

  • Revenge
  • Silent Man
  • Deadly Revenge
  • Escaping Revenge

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