Name input doesn't appear and it calls my character Auto Bot

Hello, I’m new to the forum so I’m not sure if this has been reported before.
I’m trying to make my character’s name optional to the reader. But the previewer skips the input part and starts calling the MC Auto Bot. Unfortunately, I can’t use the app preview so I’m relying on the desktop one. I don’t know if it does on the app, but it’d be great if the name appears on the desktop preview.


It’s not a bug (saying this since you are in the bug category), the web previewer just does not have the ability to allow you to time in choices. Auto Bot will automatically appear as the default name in the previewer. It sounds like your script is working fine since Auto Bot is being used by previewer.


Oh okay, thank you for telling me. So as long as it shows Auto Bot I’m good, right? Since I don’t have access to app preview right now.

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Yes, as long as Auto Bot is appearing for the name I would assume it is working.