Name isn't working in the second episode


Soo ummm, in the first episode I let the “reader” choose the name, and in the second episode the “auto bot” doesn’t exist anymore. What did I do wrong?



It could be a couple of things assuming it worked the first time.

  1. Make sure the name label your calling is in all caps. For example, I use the word ‘you’ for the MC, so I use YOU to call the name.
  2. Make sure you are using brackets with no spaces around the naming label when calling it. Example: [YOU].

The reason below is most likely what is happening.
3) If you are viewing through the web previewed, it is only looking at what is given in the chapter your on. If the naming label was not used in this chapter, web previewer will not recall the name. To verify your script is working correctly, I would read it in the app on the create page.


Okay, but when I’m not calling it, i can write @YOU (enters blah blah…)?
Thanks though, I really appreciate it.


Yes, when your not calling to say the name, just use whatever you have the character named as for actions and dialogue.
So if when you first made the character you called it YOU, use you in your script for everything other than recalling the name.


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