Name of an animation (LL)

So I can’t find an animation where the character dodges something like a punch. I think there’s one in INK but is there one in LL is there is can someone tell me the name of that animation.

Thanks to anyone who can help.

I think its the squat to stand animation

nvm wait

I think it’s standup_neutral

And search some of the react animations. All animations are in the art catalog too if none of the above are what you’re looking for

In INK it’s dodge_rear but is there an animation similar to that in LL or do I have to use imagination and use different animations to do the dodging

No there isn’t one unfortunately :grimacing::persevere:

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You can always do standup_neutral

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@Jade.epi and @paigebarr Thanks for the help.

btw I don’t suppose either of you know if there is an animation that would be useful for when I want my character to kinda hold a punching bag still.

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Maybe one of the baby animations?

Thanks. I’ll try to see if any of them are useful for my scene

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