I have figured out the customization part for the reader and now need to know how to do dialogue and actions. I have changed the display name of LIGHTFEMALEAVATAR to NAME. Does that mean I can do

@NAME enters from right to screen center

or do I still have to do

@LIGHTFEMALEAVATAR enters from right to screen center

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What’s your character script name now?


I would delete this character: LIGHTFEMALEAVATAR is a very long name and you’ll get tired of typing it after some time :sweat_smile:

Just create a character named NAME, leave display name NAME as well

Use this code for naming:

input What is your name? | What is your name? | Done (NAME)

Then in your script as well like in speech bubbles, you’ll need to use NAME

@NAME enters from right to screen center


  NAME (animation)
Hello, my name is [NAME] 

[NAME]! Come here!

Thank you so much! Would this work if the read got to customize their character?

Yes :slight_smile: just create a new character named NAME and change it in the customisation

Okay, thank you! Also, would this work if I used it with an actor? If not, how do I get a character that does not have an actor?

What do you mean by actor? :thinking:

I use the website https://www.episodeinteractive.com/write/character/Si_Yf/new and when you make a character, you have to choose an actor for it. (Basically someone that is really close to what you want but just needs a few details)

Oh, yes you have to choose default character first in order to create your own. You can change the look of character after you create one and then reader will be able to change it in customisation

Sorry, I’m still new to this. How do I make a default character?

by default I meant actor - characters on the right side :slight_smile: you need to pick actor in order to create a character for your story

Thank you! I’m sorry, I’m quite new to this. By the way, do you have any series that I could check out?

So both the script name and display name should be NAME? And, since I have a customization choice above it, would I have to change every @LIGHTFEMALEAVATAR into @NAME? Or just keep it?

Ask as many questions as you want :grin: I will PM you now with more information :smile:

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