Name our story!

came up with the idea bases on my big family over 300 people

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Same i have over 20 people living with me and over 40 animals :sweat_smile:


omg lol

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Maybe Family issues, Family Drama, Not a modern family, big life :woman_shrugging:t2::sweat_smile:

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Wow… umm just… wow


i like all these ideas me and my partner will have to look over all of them


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Guide to family problems 101

Hi, we are rivs&ness and we’re writing a story together.
Our story is about two girls who both have very big family, they are in high school and it is a comedy about dealing with large family and high school/ college life together.
We don’t know how to name it. Please if you have any ideas of names for stories write them down bellow.

Are they sisters?

No, they are very good friends.

You made a topic about this yesterday its gonna get closed :sweat_smile: @Sydney_H

Going through together

Best friends for better

Hi we are rivs&ness and we are writing a comedy about two best friends and their big families on a television show. However, we cannot figure out a name for it can you help

What about the following: (these are just suggestions)
Family on Air
Big Time Family
Me, My best friend, and my TV Family

this is all I can think of right now lol

thanks for the suggestions

no problemo! Can’t wait to read your story… it sounds awesome

well inform you when it is out ty

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