Name template does not work



So i’m creating this story and the name template does not work no matter what i do it says the original name… help??


Could you send me a pic? Maybe i can help


Send a…



Its kinda hard to explain… but the name is player and its lisa again…


the second picture


So, do you not wan’t it to say lisa?


Do you have the characters display name as NAME?? If you don’t and have it as Lisa instead the name template won’t work.


I want it to be what ever the player want


it needs to be NAME??


I made the display name NAME?? but its still is Lisa help?


@Dara.Amarie think you can help?


What does the code look like in your script? Whatever is inside the parentheses needs to be the display name of your character.

input What is your name? | What is your name? | Done (NAME)

So go to the character settings where you edit your character’s appearance and right under the script name is the display name. Change that to whatever the bolded part above is in your script.


I don’t get it help


Look at your script and find the code that lets you type in your name. It looks like what I posted:

You see the bolded part? Look for that part in the code that is in your script. It’s usually “NAME” or sometimes it’s “FIRSTNAME” . Whatever it is in your script needs to be the display name of your character.


Got it thanks :blush:


@Jeremy can you close this?