Name Template (FOR BEGINNERS!)

label custom_name

input What’s Your Name?|What’s Your Name?|Done (NAME)

if (NAME is “”) {

You do need a name.

goto custom_name

} else {


NOTE: If you would like someone to say the reader’s name, just put something like

CHAR1 (talk_greet)
Hey [NAME]! what’s up?

PS: This is for beginners on Typing Choices!

Please check out my other Script Templates including my Help Thread!

PS: Please tell me any problems you may have with any of my Script Templates etc and I will solve it as soon as possible!


Thank you! I find this very helpful! <3

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I hope you like it! PS: If you tried it the first time and got a warning that’s because I forgot to change something so try copy and paste it again and you should be good to go! :slight_smile:

Thanks! You’re so awesome! x3

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Thanks! If you’d like any more help you can go visit my Help Thread :slight_smile:


Have a great day! xox

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