I am wanting to know whats the template for letting readers choose their own character name. Its very hard.

input What is your name? | What is your name? | Done (NAME)

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i have tried that but nothing is appearing

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Here, try this one. Additionally, whenever referring to your character in the script you have to put [NAME] for the player selected name to appear.


label name
input What’s Your first Name?|What’s Your First Name?|Done(NAME)
if (NAME is “”) {
Hey! That’s not a real name.
goto name
else {

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that is what i put and it just goes to the next scene

Lol whoops I messed up. NARR should be NARRATOR, and you have to indent it twice as you would with normal text. But it still should work without that, are you getting an error message?

Also this is really just a convenience thing, but it might be better to have your name customization and character customization in the same scene. That might even clear up the issue, because sometimes episode can just be a bit wonky so you have to play with it.

i will try that

I CHECKEd it from my phone and i works but i doesnt appear from my computer

Ohh, sorry I forgot about this, but for some reason name input just doesn’t show up on computers. Sorry I forgot about that, but don’t worry, it will work normally for anyone reading it.


Also how do we write their chosen character name into out script

Whenever you are using it in dialogue you put [NAME], also you go into character settings and change the character’s name to NAME. Sorry I know it’s a little confusing, let me know if you have any other questions.

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Oh my gosh thank you alot it had me really confused. So if im using my regular character and their telling another character their name will the readers chosen name show

Yes, as long as you put [NAME]
For example:

Hello! My name is [NAME]!

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No problem! PM me if you ever have any more questions! :blush:

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