Name Template/ Script?


SO basically I’m having trouble to create the “Select your name template” and it keeps saying “Error” I put the {} for the reader to choose the name, but it back fires. Can anyone post a template of that for me to use?


Can you post what you have in your script?


This is what I had put so far
label name
input What’s Your first Name?|What’s Your First Name?|Done(NAME)
if (NAME is “”) {}


Just use that code and that code only. You don’t need anything else.


Ok thanks!


So i did exactly as you said and it skips right over the name part and goes directly to customizing… Why is that?


You have to name your character NAME I believe @Dara.Amarie


What am I doing wrong it still skips…


This is all you need to write in your script. You do NOT need all that extra other stuff:

So, what’s your name?

input What’s Your first Name?|What’s Your First Name?|Done(NAME)


I also did that and it still skipped
I did the extra stuff to see if it made a different …


Also, on the Writer’s Portal you can’t insert a name. You can only do so when you’re testing on mobile.
It appears as Auto Bot, I believe, on the Writer’s Portal.


And I want to add on, this happens to me, too :laughing:
So what I do is I write goto start at the every end of the script and then I write label start at the very beginning of the script. So when I play from near the end, it plays from the very top.

And before I publish, then I need to remove goto start and label start because if I don’t the episode will loop for the reader and they can’t get past it

I hope this helps somewhat :sweat_drops:


I will try that thank you !