Name your favourite

Fantastic Mr Fox

Favourite flavour of ice cream?


Favorite Person In The World?

My Mom :heart_eyes:

Fav horror movie?

Non lol I hate horror movies

Favourite celebrity?

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Probably Halsey (just for her music)

Name your favorite genre


Name your favorite item of clothing


Name your favorite TV show

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UHH I guess Shake It Up?
Name your favourite book

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Throne of glass

Name your favorite movie

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The Phantom of the Opera (2004)

Favorite thing to do on Saturday night?

Watch Netflix

Favourite drink?

Toasted White Chocolate Mocha Frappes

Favorite fast food place?

At the moment Arby’s

Fav console game?

Hmm… Sonic The Hedgehog? Lol…

Favorite Kitchen Utensil?

Pizza cutter.

Favorite color?


Favourite Beverage?

Lukewarm chocolate (hot chocolate is too hot :rofl:

Favorite type of insect? bahaha

i didn’t know people had favourite types of insects lmao

favourite anime?


Favorite Christmas Carol?