Names and outfits please

I have an upcoming story called Shameless (ps follow my Instagram cause I’ll be spilling the tea about it. Link in bio) and I cannot come up with a name for the Ink MC!! Feel free to add pictures of ink outfit ideas because I am so bad at picking outfits. Thank you :blush::heart:

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Hi! I’m willing to create some outfit designs for you. Just tell me the following:

Any Additional Info:

Here is an example of my work:

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Thank you so much :see_no_evil::grin:

Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Style: Mysterious
Props: None
Accessories: None

It’s no problem!

Glad to help xoxo

Here’s what I’ve got:

Clothing names:

Pants: Skinny Slacks Cotton Gray Black
Shoes: Spike Slip On Flats Cotton Grey Black
Shirt: Collared V Neck Sweater Jacket Cotton Blue Navy

Hope you like it!